US Highway 56

Length: 471.450 miles

West Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line at Elkhart

East Endpoint: Missouri State Line in Mission Hills

Counties Served:
Morton, Stevens, Seward, Haskell, Gray, Ford, Edwards, Pawnee, Barton, Rice, McPherson, Marion, Dickinson, Morris, Lyon, Osage, Douglas, Johnson

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In the early 1950s, a push was made to create a new US 55 between Springer, New Mexico and Kansas via what was then K-45. There were various suggestions on the alignment. The first suggestion would have followed K-45 all the way to Ellsworth, then followed US 40 and K-4 via Topeka and Atchison. This was rejected by AASHO due to the excessive use of overlapping routes. A revised route, submitted in March 1955, routed the proposed route via Lincoln Center and Mahanttan, replacing various state numbered highways. The final proposal, submitted in June 1956, had the new route following K-45 west of Larned, then turning east on US 50N to Kansas City, with a spur US route designation on the old US 50N between Larned and Garden City. The June 1956 proposal was adopted by AASHTO, but since the roadway was predominantly east-west, they adopted an even number, turning the proposed US 55 into US 56.

In an April, 1985 resolution, US 56 was routed to meet I-35 at Gardner, turning back much of the old roadway between Gardner and Olathe.

Junction Guide

County MilepostState MilepostJunction
56-65/0.0000.000Oklahoma/Kansas State Line
South City limits Elkhart
56-65/1.4441.444North city limits Elkhart
56-65/8.9608.960Road 16
56-65/17.22817.228West city limits Rolla
56-65/17.74617.746West Junction K-51
East city limits Rolla
21.874Morton/Stevens county line
56-95/4.12025.994West junction K-25
56-95/11.43333.307South city limits Hugoton
56-95/11.75533.62911th/Main, Hugoton
East junction K-51
56-95/12.75834.632North city limits Hugoton
56-95/13.90135.775East Junction K-25
56-95/19.14141.015Road U
56-95/24.96346.837South city limits Moscow
56-95/25.62547.499North city limits Moscow
56-95/32.00953.883Road 26
56.067Stevens/Seward county line
56.848Seward/Haskell county line
56-41/3.96560.813Road 220
56-41/4.96561.813West junction K-190
West city limits Satanta
56-41/6.04562.893East junction K-190
East city limits Satanta
56-41/12.46869.316US 83/US 160
West city limits Sublette
56-41/14.37971.227East City limits Sublette
56-41/15.31972.167Road 180
56-41/21.01977.867Road UU
82.067Haskell/Grey county line
56-35/1.05283.119West city limits Copeland
56-35/1.63683.703East city limits Copeland
56-35/11.87893.945West city limits Montezuma
56-35/12.83094.897East city limits Montezuma
56-35/23.844105.911West city limits Ensign
56-35/24.952107.019East city limits Ensign
107.586Gray/Ford county line
56-29/2.570110.156102 Road
56-29/8.623116.209West Junction US 400
(US 400 joins US 56)
56-29/11.175118.76114th Avenue, Dodge City
110 Road
56-29/12.166119.752West junction US 283
(US 283 joins US 56/US 400)
56-29/15.596123.182East junction US 400
(US 400 leaves US 56/US 283)
56-29/16.042123.628Wyatt Earp Boulevard
126.894West junction US 50
(US 56/US 283 joines US 50)
50-29/18.237128.630East junction US 283
(US 283 leaves US 50/US 56)
50-29/28.037138.430Main Street, Spearville
50-29/34.311144.704132 Road
148.854Ford/Edwards county line
50-24/0.274149.128West city limits Offerle
50-24/0.789149.643East city limits Offerle
50-24/4.124152.97850th Avenue
157.050East junction US 50
(US 56 leaves US 50)
56-24/8.272157.214South City limits Kinsley
56-24/8.752157.6948th Street, Kinsley
56-24/9.265158.207West junction US 183
(US 183 joins US 56)
56-24/9.525158.467North city limits Kinsley
165.064Edwards/Pawnee county line
56-73/1.032166.096East junction US 183
56-73/6.316171.380West city limits Garfield
56-73/7.231172.295East city limits Garfield
56-73/12.661177.725J Road
56-73/16.904181.968South city limits Larned
56-73/17.434182.498K-19 Spur
56-73/18.196183.260West junction K-156
(K-156 joins US 56)
56-73/18.847183.911East city limits Larned
191.292Pawnee/Barton county line
56-5/0.092191.384West city limits Pawnee Rock
56-5/0.675191.967East city limits Pawnee Rock
56-5/12.197203.489South city limits Great Bend
56-5/13.038204.330West Junction K-96
(K-96 joins US 56/K-156)
56-5/14.815207.612US 281
56-5/16.320219.809East city limits Great Bend
56-5/18.610209.902East junction K-156
(K-156 leaves US 56/K-96)
56-5/24.413215.705West city limits Ellinwood
56-5/25.420216.712East City limits Ellinwood
221.863Barton/Rice county line
56-80/14.117235.980West city limits Lyons
56-80/15.114236.977K-14 (K-96 leaves US 56)
56-80/16.235238.098East city limits Lyons
56-80/18.567240.43019th Road
56-80/25.697247.56026th Road (ex-K-46), Little River
252.574Rice/McPherson county line
56-59/3.991256.5654th Avenue
56-59/13.196265.770K-153, West city limits McPherson
56-59/13.530266.104Augustus Street, McPherson
56-59/14.050266.624Walnut Street, McPherson
56-59/14.194266.768US 81B
56-59/15.191267.765Maxwell Street
56-59/16.631269.205East city limits McPherson
56-59/17.208269.78217th Avenue
56-59/21.308273.88221st Avenue
Main Street, Galva
56-59/27.329279.90327th Avenue (ex K-86)
Main Street, Canton
282.912McPherson/Marion County line
56-57/2.347285.259West junction K-15
56-57/8.345291.257East junction K-15
56-57/22.579305.491US 77/K-150
(US 77 joins US 56)
56-57/31.497314.409South city limits Lincolnville
56-57/32.026314.938North city limits Lincolnville
56-57/38.828321.740360th Road
322.740Marion/Dickinson county line
56-21/2.257324.997South junction US 56B
56-21/4.320327.060North Junction US 56B/US 77
327.140Dickinson/Morris county line
56-64/4.063331.2032800 Road
56-64/13.164340.3041900 Road
56-64/22.922350.062West City limits Council Grove
56-64/23.472350.612Jefferson Street
56-64/24.015351.155West Junction K-177
56-64/24.183351.323East Junction K-177
56-64/24.549351.6895th Street
56-64/24.941352.081East city limits Council Grove
56-64/30.523357.663200 Road
358.662Morris/Lyon county line
56-56/4.000362.662Road E
56-56/10.060368.722Road L, Allen
380.796Lyon/Osage county line
56-70/6.163386.959South junction K-31
56-70/12.432393.228South city limits Burlingame
56-70/12.936393.732North Junction K-31
56-70/13.447394.243East City limits Burlingame
56-70/19.407400.203South city limits Scranton
56-70/20.405401.201East city limits Scranton
56-70/22.979403.775US 75
56-70/29.706410.502West city limits Overbrook
56-70/30.023410.819East city limits Overbrook
413.645Osage/Douglas county line
56-23/9.000421.645E 900 Road
56-23/12.481426.126US 59
56-23/16.973430.618West city limits Baldwin City
56-23/17.953431.598East city limits Baldwin City
437.919Douglas/Johnson county line
56-46/2.000439.919Edgerton Road, Edgerton
56-46/3.020440.939199th Street, Edgerton
56-46/7.190445.109West city limits Gardner
56-46/8.040445.959Center Street, Gardner
56-46/8.283446.202Sycamore Street, Gardner
56-46/9.214447.133East city limits Gardner
448.458South junction I-35
(US 56 joins I-35/US 50)
35-46/12.110451.696South City Limits Olathe
35-46/13.623453.209US 169 South/K-7/151st Street
(US 169 joins I-35/US 50/US 56)
35-46/19.041458.627Olathe/Lenexa City limits
(US 50 leaves I-35/US 56/US 169)
35-46/23.825463.411US 69 South
(US 69 joines I-35/US 56/US 169)
35-46/24.566464.152Lenexa/Overland Park City Limits
35-46/25.207464.793Overland Park/Merriam City Limits
75th Street
466.340Shawnee Mission Parkway
(US 56/US 69/US 169 leaves I-35)
56-46/29.286467.205Lowell Avenue
Merriam/Overland Park city limits
56-46/29.791467.710Metcalf Avenue
(US 69 leaves US 56/US 169)
56-46/30.293468.212Lamar Avenue
Overland Park/Mission city limits
56-46/30.803468.722Nall Avenue
56-46/31.513469.432Roe Avenue
56-46/31.659469.578Mission/Fairway city limits
56-46/32.463470.382Mission Road
56-46/33.060470.979Fairway/Westwood city limits
56-46/33.157471.076Westwood/Mission Hills city limits
56-46/33.282471.201Rainbow Boulevard
(US 169 leaves US 56)
56-46/33.531471.450Missouri state line

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
In Elkhart2,47011.9%
Elkhart to K-271,77020.6%
K-27 to Road 1691029.1%
Road 16 to Rolla1,04023.6%
In Rolla1,35031.9%
Rolla to West Junction K-251,46031.5%
West junction K-25 to Hugoton1,83029.5%
West city limits Hugoton to 11th/Main4,75012.3%
11th/Main to north city limits Hugoton4,33023.4%
Hugoton to east junction K-252,33043.1%
East Junction K-25 to Road U1,61026.4%
Road U to Moscow1,39035.3%
In Moscow2,03042.9%
Moscow to Road 261,38037.0%
Road 26, Stevens County to
Road 220, Haskell County
Road 220 to Satanta1,79017.8%
In Satanta2,60020.8%
Satanta to Sublette2,19018.5%
In Sublette3,47018.3%
Sublette to Road 1802,78021.9%
Road 180 to Road UU2,13026.1%
Road UU to Haskell/Grey county line1,76031.8%
Haskell/Grey county line to Copeland1,95029.3%
Copeland to K-1442,57020.6%
K-144 to Montezuma3,14032.0%
In Montezuma4,25023.6%
Montezuma to K-232,67036.0%
K-23 to Ensign2,73034.9%
In Ensign3,39027.4%
Ensign to 102 Road, Ford County2,83032.7%
102 Road to West junction US 4002,82037.8%
West Junction US 400 to 14th Ave/110 Road3,85031.2%
14th Ave/110 Road to west junction US 2833,08037.3%
West junction US 283 to MP 1223,48041.3%
MP 122 to east junction US 4005,87024.5%
East junction US 400 to Wyatt Earp Boulevard9,38016.3%
Wyatt Earp Boulevard to west junction US 504,16033.9%
US 50 from west junction US 56/US 283
to east junction US 283
US 50 from east junction US 283 to Spearville2,00022.0%
US 50 from Spearville to 132 Road4,73030.4%
US 50 from 132 Road to Offerle4,53031.6%
US 50 in Offerle5,41028.2%
US 50 from Offerle to 50th Avenue4,42032.1%
US 50 from 50th Avenue to
east junction US 50/US 56
East junction US 50 to 8th Street, Kinsley2,48026.4%
8th Street to west junction US 183, Kinsley2,91026.5%
West junction US 183 to north city limits Kinsley3,50021.4%
Kinsley to Edwards/Pawnee county line2,82026.4%
Edwards/Pawnee county line to
east junction US 183
East junction US 183 to Garfield2,00030.0%
In Garfield2,45024.1%
Garfield to J Road 2,22234.2%
J Road to Larned2,5602.2%
South city limits Larned to K-19 Spur3,43016.9%
K-19 Spur to K-1564,7509.7%
K-156 to east city limits Larned5,34018.2%
Larned to MP 1854,93019.5%
MP 185 to Pawnee Rock4,80021.5%
In Pawnee Rock5,44018.9%
Pawnee Rock to MP 1984,85021.9%
MP 198 to MP 2025,25019.0%
MP 202 to Great Bend4,85019.0%
WCL Great Bend to West Junction K-9610,20011.6%
West Junction K-96 to US 28116,9009.2%
US 281 to East city limits Great Bend12,50014.2%
Great Bend to east junction K-1568,42020.8%
East junction K-156 to Ellinwood4,57118.4%
in Ellinwood5,11016.7%
Ellinwood to Chase3,19026.8%
Chase to Lyons4,13021.9%
West city limits Lyons to K-145,96014.4%
K-14 to east city limits Lyons4,39021.1%
Lyons to 19th Road2,65024.7%
19th Road to Little River2,57024.5%
Little River to 4th Avenue, McPherson County2,68028.7%
4th Avenue to K-1534,41017.9%
K-153 to Augustus Street5,06017.7%
Augustus Street to Walnut Street5,69015.6%
Walnut Street to US 81B6,15014.6%
US 81B to Maxwell Street8,9109.9%
Maxwell Street to East city limits McPherson10,4008.4%
East city limits McPherson to I-13511,8007.5%
I-135 to 17th Avenue10,50010.4%
17th Avenue to Galva5,41018.9%
Galva to Canton3,60035.3%
Canton to K-152,89046.0%
West junction K-15 to K-1684,05031.6%
K-168 to east junction K-154,01031.0%
East junction K-15 to K-2562,80046.1%
K-256 to US 77/K-1502,18054.1%
US 77/K-150 to Lincolnville1,97023.4%
Lincolnville to 360th Road2,09019.9%
360th Road to South junction US 56B2,37017.1%
South junction US 56B to
north junction US 56B/US 77
US 56B/US 77 to 2800 Road21,00033.9%
2800 Road to K-14992510.3%
K-149 to 1900 Road98020.4%
1900 Road to Council Grove1,36016.2%
West city limits Council Grove
to Jefferson Street
Jefferson Street to west junction K-1773,7906.3%
US 56/K-177 concurrency6,9604.7%
East junction K-177 to 5th Street6,3603.9%
5th Street to east city limits Council Grove4,7405.2%
Council Grove to 200 Road1,94010.1%
200 Road, Morris County to Road E, Lyon County1,45012.4%
Road E to K-9998027.0%
K-99 to I-335/KTA97019.1%
I-335/KTA to K-7860536.4%
K-78 to South junction K-3182517.5%
South junction K-31 to Burlingame
SCL Burlingame to North junction K-311,9605.1%
North junction K-31 to ECL Bulingame1,80011.7%
Burlingame to Scranton1,24014.9%
In Scranton1,56012.2%
Scranton to US 752,2808.1%
US 75 to Overbrook3,9804.8%
Overbrook to E 900 Road, Douglas County2,2547.8%
E 900 Road to US 593,3806.1%
US 59 to Baldwin City6,1403.3%
In Baldwin City7,6202.8%
Baldwin City to K-335,2704.2%
K-33 to Edgerton5,4104.9%
Edgerton to Gardner4,5504.4%
West city limits Gardner to Center Street10,7003.8%
Center Street to Sycamore Street15,5004.1%
Sycamore Street to east city limits Gardner19,7004.4%
East city limits Gardner to I-3525,7003.5%
I-35 from US 56 to US 16952,80022.7%
I-35 from US 169 to Santa Fe, Olathe87,70016.0%
I-35 from Santa Fe, Olathe to I-435116,00012.1%
I-35 from I-435 to US 69 South102,00013.0%
I-35 from US 69 South to
Shawnee Mission Parkway
I-35/SMP to Lowell Avenue38,5002.5%
Lowell Avenue to Metcalf Avenue37,4002.6%
Metcalf Avenue to Roe Avenue24,1004.2%
Roe Avenue to Mission Road29,7003.6%
Mission Road to Rainbow Boulevard28,8003.5%
Rainbow Boulevard to Missouri state line26,4002.9%