Kansas Highway 156

Previously designated: US 156 (1956-1981)

Length: 176.314 miles

Southwest Endpoint:US 50B/83B in Garden City

Northeast Endpoint:
US 56 in Larned (1956-1966)
I-70 exit 225 northeast of Ellsworth (1966-present)

Counties Served: Finney, Hodgeman, Pawnee, Barton, Ellsworth

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US 156 was designated along with US 56 in 1956 from the portion of US 50N that was not designated as part of US 56.

AASHO approved an extension of US 156 at their July 1966 meeting, where it was marked on US 56 to Great Bend and replaced K-45 from Great Bend to Ellsworth, then northeast on a newly constructed highway northeast to I-70.

After the Highway Commission was reformed into the Department of Transportation, KDOT reviewed the US numbered highways in Kansas and determined this route no longer met the criteria of a US numbered highway. KDOT submitted a request to AASHTO to change 156 from a US route to a Kansas numbered route in 1979, which was approved at AASHTO’s October 1979 meeting and implemented by KDOT via an April 1, 1981 resolution.

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
156-28/0.0000.000US 50B/US 83B (begin K-156)
156-28/0.7010.701Center Street
156-28/1.3201.320Campus Drive
156-28/1.9361.936East city limits Garden City
156-28/2.0512.051US 50/US 83/US 400
24.210West junction K-23
30.190East junction K-23
37.165Finney/Hodgeman county line
156-42/18.15455.319West city limits Jetmore
156-42/18.90456.069US 283
156-42/19.62856.792East city limits Jetmore
156-42/29.66866.833Highway Avenue, Hanston
75.833Hodgeman/Pawnee County Line
156-73/2.36578.198West city limits Burdett
156-73/2.80478.637East city limits Burdett
156-73/14.10689.939US 183
156-73/19.37395.206Fort Larned
156-73/25.143100.976West city limits Larned
101.734West junction US 56
(K-156 joins US 56)
56-73/18.847102.385East city limits Larned
109.766Pawnee/Barton county line
56-5/0.092109.858West city limits Pawnee Rock
56-5/0.675110.441East city limits Pawnee Rock
56-5/6.575116.34160th Avenue
56-5/11.175120.94120th Avenue
56-5/12.197121.963South city limits Great Bend
56-5/13.038122.804West Junction K-96
(K-96 joins US 56/K-156)
56-5/14.815124.581US 281
56-5/16.320126.086East city limits Great Bend
128.376East junction US 56
(K-156 leaves US 56/K-96)
145.613Barton/Ellsworth county line
156-27/4.828150.441West city limits Holyrood
156-27/5.037150.650East city limits Holyrood
156-27/18.935164.548South city limits Ellsworth
156-27/19.990165.603North city limits Ellsworth
156-27/30.701176.314I-70 (end K-156)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
US 50B/US 83B to Center Street11,5006.4%
Center Street to Campus Drive, Garden City15,0004.4%
Campus Drive to US 50/US 83/US 4009,3107.3%
US 50/US 83/US 400 to MP 38,6008.4%
MP 3 to MP 112,30021.7%
MP 11 to MP 131,59032.1%
MP 13 to west junction K-231,62022.8%
K-23/K-156 concurrency1,49035.6%
East junction K-23 to MP 331,23045.5%
MP 33 to MP 401,11039.6%
MP 40 to MP 531,21033.1%
MP 53 to US 2831,35028.9%
US 283 to MP 621,74024.1%
MP 62 to Hanston1,69024.0%
Hanston to Burdett1,41031.2%
At Burdett1,36031.6%
Burdett to MP 821,45029.0%
MP 82 to Rozel1,49030.2%
Rozel to US 1831,65026.4%
US 183 to MP 981,68036.9%
MP 98 to K-2642,13029.1%
K-264 to Larned3,08020.1%
West city limits Larned to Carroll Avenue4,73011.5%
Carroll Avenue to US 56, Larned7,6307.9%
US 56 from US 56/K-156 Junction to ECL Larned5,34018.2%
Larned to US 56 MP 1854,93019.5%
US 56 MP 185 to Pawnee Rock4,80021.5%
US 56 In Pawnee Rock5,44018.9%
US 56 from Pawnee Rock to US 56 MP 1984,85021.9%
US 56 MP 198 to US 56 MP 2025,25019.0%
US 56 from US 56 MP 202 to Great Bend4,85019.0%
US 56 from WCL Great Bend to W. jct. K-9610,20011.6%
US 56 from West Junction K-96 to US 28116,9009.2%
US 56 from US 281 to East city limits Great Bend12,50014.2%
US 56 from Great Bend to US 56/K-96/K-156 jct.8,42020.8%
US 56/K-96 to MP 1322,88032.6%
MP 132 to MP 1413,00030.5%
MP 141 to K-43,47024.5%
K-4 to Holyrood3,07022.3%
In Holyrood3,80016.7%
Holyrood to MP 1572,81023.0%
MP 157 to K-143,07020.7%
K-14 to Ellsworth3,89018.5%
SCL Ellsworth to 8th Street4,27016.6%
8th Street to K-1406,01012.6%
K-140 to K-1113,05025.6%
K-111 to I-703,01028.9%