Interstate 135

Length: 95.738 miles

South Endpoint: I-35 exit 42 in Wichita

North Endpoint: I-70 exit 250 in Salina

Counties Served: Sedgwick, Harvey, McPherson, Saline

  1. Exit Guide
  2. Juntion Guide
  3. AADT

Exit Guide

I-135 Exit Guide

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
135-87/0.0000.000I-35/KTA (Begin I-135 )
135-87/0.4640.464US 81/47th Street (US 81 joins I-135)
135-87/2.3192.319Hydraulic Avenue
135-87/3.2113.211K-15 South/Southeast Boulevard
(K-15 joins I-135/US 81)
135-87/3.9433.943Pawnee Avenue
135-87/4.9314.931Harry Street
135-87/5.4315.431Lincoln Street
135-87/5.9655.965US 54/US400/Kellogg Avenue
135-87/9.0039.00321st Street
135-87/10.20910.20929th Street
135-87/10.57410.574South junction K-96
(K-96 joins I-135/US 81/K-15)
135-87/11.47411.474North City Limits Wichita
135-87/11.78011.780Exit 11A-B: I-235/K-254
(K-96 leaves I-135/US 81/K-15)
135-87/13.20613.20653rd Street
135-87/14.22414.224South City Limits Park City, 61st Street
135-87/17.73417.734North City Limits Park City
135-87/19.23319.233101st Street
22.270Sedgwick/Harvey County Line
135-40/6.00728.277SE 36th Street
135-40/7.72629.996Exit 30 Northbound: US 50/K-15
K-15 leaves I-135/US 81
135-40/8.28230.552Exit 30 Southbound: US 50/K-15
(US 50 joins I-135/US 81)
135-40/9.04731.3171st Street
135-40/10.05432.32412th Street
135-40/10.06132.331North City Limits Newton
135-40/10.38332.653North junction US 50
(US 50 leaves I-135/US 81)
135-40/17.58339.853South City Limits Hesston
135-40/18.25040.520Lincoln Boulevard
135-40/18.95041.220North City Limits Hesston
43.099Harvey/McPherson County Line
135-59/3.00346.102South junction K-260
135-59/5.58348.682North junction K-260
135-59/11.14854.247Comanche Road
135-59/11.53254.63118th Avenue
135-59/15.28958.388US 81B/K-61
135-59/17.41060.509US 56/US 81B
135-59/22.81565.914Pawnee Road
135-59/29.83172.930Smoky Valley Road
76.941McPherson/Saline County Line
135-85/0.92277.863South junction K-4
(K-4 joins I-135/US 81)
135-85/5.01881.959North junction K-4
(K-4 leaves I-135/US 81)
135-85/11.83288.773South City Limits Salina
135-85/13.09590.036Magnolia Road
135-85/15.44892.389Crawford Street
135-85/15.57792.518North City Limits Salina
95.738I-70/US 40
(End I-135, continue US 81)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
I-35/KTA to US 81/47th Street22,20012.4%
US 81/47th Street to I-23544,1009.4%
I-235 to Hydraulic39,9009.4%
Hydraulic to K-15/Southeast Blvd42,6009.3%
K-15/Southeast Blvd to Pawnee Street66,4008.4%
Pawnee to Harry71,8007.6%
Harry to Lincoln76,9007.0%
Lincoln to US 54-400/Kellogg79,5006.8%
US 54-400/Kellogg to 13th Street93,0007.3%
13th Street to 21st Street85,8007.8%
21st Street to 29th Street76,2578.6%
29th Street to I-235/K-25475,7009.7%
I-235/K-254 to 53rd Street46,00012.0%
53rd Street to 61st Street41,00013.0%
61st Street to 101st Street34,00014.8%
101st Street to K-19623,40019.2%
K-196 to SE 36th Street23,90020.2%
SE 36th Street to K-15/US 5024,00019.7%
K-15/US 50 to 1st Street27,00016.1%
1st Street to Broadway25,40018.5%
Broadway to north junction US 5023,70018.1%
North junction US 50 to K-15, North Newton16,70025.5%
North Newton to Hesston16,30023.8%
Hesston to south junction K-26011,00033.7%
South junction K-260 to north junction K-26010,20036.0%
North junction K-260 to
18th Avenue/Commence Road
18th Avenue/Commence Road to K-6110,10036.6%
K-61 to US 5621,60017.4%
US 56 to Mohawk Road14,55826.9%
Mohawk Road to Pawnee Road10,90037.1%
Pawnee Road to Smoky Valley Road11,10037.7%
Smoky Valley Road to South junction K-410,50040.6%
On I-135/US 81/K-4 concurrency14,80024.9%
North junction K-4 to K-10415,20025.4%
K-104 to Water Well Road15,80024.8%
Water Well Road to Schilling Road16,20025.4%
Schilling Road to Magnolia Road21,20020.0%
Magnolia Road to Crawford Street22,80020.0%
Crawford Street to K-14021,30021.4%
K-140 to I-7018,50024.9%