US Highway 81

Length: 230.785 miles

South Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line south of Caldwell

North Endpoint: Nebraska State Line (CG/JJW) north of Belleville

Counties Served:
Sumner, Sedgwick, Harvey, McPherson, Saline, Ottawa, Cloud, Republic

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Exit Guide

I-135/US 81 Exit Guide

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
81-96/0.0000.000Oklahoma state line
81-96/1.7771.777South city limits Caldwell
81-96/2.6872.687East city limits Caldwell
81-96/6.6396.639Anson Road
81-96/10.03210.032Drury Road
81-96/13.52413.524West city limits South Haven
81-96/14.03014.030US 177
81-96/14.53114.531US 166; North city limits South Haven
81-96/22.53122.53180th Street
81-96/27.97027.970South city limits Wellington
81-96/29.20629.206South junction US 160
81-96/29.83829.838Washington Avenue
81-96/30.10130.101North junction US 160
81-96/31.09731.097North city limits Wellington
81-96/34.20434.20450th Avenue
81-96/38.42038.42090th Avenue
Sumner/Sedgwick county line
81-87/2.00048.978103rd Street
81-87/5.00051.97879th Street
81-87/5.56952.547South city limits Haysville
81-87/6.05053.028Grand Avenue/71st Street
81-87/6.17553.153North city limits Haysville
81-87/7.00053.97863rd Street
81-87/8.04255.020South city limits Wichita
81-87/9.04856.02647th Street/Broadway
56.487I-135/47th Street (US 81 joins I-135)
135-87/2.31958.342Hydraulic Avenue
135-87/3.21159.234K-15 South/Southeast Boulevard
(K-15 joins I-135/US 81)
135-87/3.94359.966Pawnee Avenue
135-87/4.93160.954Harry Street
135-87/5.43161.454Lincoln Street
135-87/5.96561.988US 54/US400/Kellogg Avenue
135-87/9.00365.02621st Street
135-87/10.20966.23229th Street
135-87/10.57466.597South junction K-96
(K-96 joins I-135/US 81/K-15)
135-87/11.47467.497North City Limits Wichita
135-87/11.78067.803Exit 11A-B: I-235/K-254
(K-96 leaves I-135/US 81/K-15)
135-87/13.20669.22953rd Street
135-87/14.22470.247South City Limits Park City, 61st Street
135-87/17.73473.757North City Limits Park City
135-87/19.23375.256101st Street
78.293Sedgwick/Harvey County Line
135-40/6.00784.300SE 36th Street
135-40/7.72686.019Exit 30 Northbound: US 50/K-15
K-15 leaves I-135/US 81
135-40/8.28286.575Exit 30 Southbound: US 50/K-15
(US 50 joins I-135/US 81)
135-40/9.04787.3401st Street
135-40/10.05488.34712th Street
135-40/10.06188.354North City Limits Newton
135-40/10.38388.676North junction US 50
(US 50 leaves I-135/US 81)
135-40/17.58395.876South City Limits Hesston
135-40/18.25096.543Lincoln Boulevard
135-40/18.95097.243North City Limits Hesston
99.122Harvey/McPherson County Line
135-59/3.003102.125South junction K-260
135-59/5.583104.705North junction K-260
135-59/11.148110.270Comanche Road
135-59/11.532110.65418th Avenue
135-59/15.289114.411US 81B/K-61
135-59/17.410116.532US 56/US 81B
135-59/22.815121.937Pawnee Road
135-59/29.831128.953Smoky Valley Road
132.964McPherson/Saline County Line
135-85/0.922133.886South junction K-4
(K-4 joins I-135/US 81)
135-85/5.018137.982North junction K-4
(K-4 leaves I-135/US 81)
135-85/11.832144.796South City Limits Salina
135-85/13.095146.059Magnolia Road
135-85/15.448148.412Crawford Street
135-85/15.577148.541North City Limits Salina
151.761I-70/US 40
(End I-135, continue US 81)
157.584Saline/Ottawa county line
81-72/12.458170.042Limestone Road
81-72/22.485180.069Rifle Road
182.078Ottawa/Cloud county line
81-15/4.011186.089US 24
81-15/9.036191.114Iron Road
81-15/14.168196.246Noble Road
81-15/17.103199.181South city limits Concordia
81-15/18.790200.868North city limits Concordia
81-15/21.037203.115Union Road
206.131Cloud/Republic county line
81-79/11.135217.266US 36
81-79/11.564217.695South city limits Belleville
81-79/12.018218.149North city limits Belleville
81-79/24.654230.785Nebraska state line

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Oklahoma State line to Caldwell1,01030.7%
South city limits Caldwell to K-493,3509.0%
K-49 to east city limits Caldwell2,21013.6%
Caldwell to Anson Road1,61019.6%
Anson Road to Drury Road1,14028.9%
Drury Road to US 177, South Haven1,27025.2%
US 177 to US 1663,50015.4%
US 166 to 80th Street1,81733.0%
80th Street to Wellington2,81019.9%
SCL Wellington to south junction US 1604,84012.6%
South junction US 160 to Washington Avenue7,76011.5%
Washington Avenue to North junction US 1609,3709.5%
North junction US 160 to NCL Wellington6,6104.2%
Wellington to 50th Avenue4,42010.4%
50th Avenue to 90th Avenue3,06016.0%
90th Avenue to K-553,68015.8%
K-55 to K-534,94010.0%
K-53 to 103rd Street4,62010.9%
103rd Street to 79th Street5,8006.6%
79th Street to Grand Ave./71st St, Haysville8,1106.8%
Grand Ave./71st St. to 63rd Street9,6007.2%
63rd Street to 47th Street16,7004.3%
47th/Broadway to I-13523,2004.8%
I-135 from US 81/47th Street to I-23544,1009.4%
I-135 from I-235 to Hydraulic39,9009.4%
I-135 from Hydraulic to K-15/Southeast Blvd42,6009.3%
I-135 from K-15/Southeast Blvd to Pawnee Street66,4008.4%
I-135 from Pawnee to Harry71,8007.6%
I-135 from Harry to Lincoln76,9007.0%
I-135 from Lincoln to US 54-400/Kellogg79,5006.8%
I-135 from US 54-400/Kellogg to 13th Street93,0007.3%
I-135 from 13th Street to 21st Street85,8007.8%
I-135 from 21st Street to 29th Street76,2578.6%
I-135 from 29th Street to I-235/K-25475,7009.7%
I-135 from I-235/K-254 to 53rd Street46,00012.0%
I-135 from 53rd Street to 61st Street41,00013.0%
I-135 from 61st Street to 101st Street34,00014.8%
I-135 from 101st Street to K-19623,40019.2%
I-135 from K-196 to SE 36th Street23,90020.2%
I-135 from SE 36th Street to K-15/US 5024,00019.7%
I-135 from K-15/US 50 to 1st Street27,00016.1%
I-135 from 1st Street to Broadway25,40018.5%
I-135 from Broadway to north junction US 5023,70018.1%
I-135 from North junction US 50 to
K-15, North Newton
I-135 from North Newton to Hesston16,30023.8%
I-135 from Hesston to south junction K-26011,00033.7%
I-135 from South junction K-260 to
north junction K-260
I-135 from North junction K-260 to
18th Avenue/Commence Road
I-135 from 18th Avenue/Commence Road to K-6110,10036.6%
I-135 from K-61 to US 5621,60017.4%
I-135 from US 56 to Mohawk Road14,55826.9%
I-135 from Mohawk Road to Pawnee Road10,90037.1%
I-135 from Pawnee Road to Smoky Valley Road11,10037.7%
I-135 from Smoky Valley Road to
south junction K-4
On I-135/US 81/K-4 concurrency14,80024.9%
I-135 from north junction K-4 to K-10415,20025.4%
I-135 from K-104 to Water Well Road15,80024.8%
I-135 from Water Well Road to Schilling Road16,20025.4%
I-135 from Schilling Road to Magnolia Road21,20020.0%
I-135 from Magnolia Road to Crawford Street22,80020.0%
I-135 from Crawford Street to K-14021,30021.4%
I-135 from K-140 to I-7018,50024.9%
I-70 to K-1438,32029.3%
K-143 to K-189,09028.0%
K-18 to K-1067,94031.4%
K-106 to Limestone Road7,18033.3%
Limestone Road to K-418,23024.9%
K-41 to US 246,67033.0%
US 24 to Iron Road6,56020.2%
Iron Road to Noble Road6,95028.5%
Noble Road to Concordia7,95026.0%
South city limits Concordia to K-914,60011.0%
K-9 to Union Road6,96028.3%
Union Road to K-1486,63026.5%
K-148 to US 366,30019.7%
US 36 to Belleville6,82024.0%
In Belleville7,02018.8%
Belleville to Nebraska state line5,71027.8%