Kansas Highway 14

Length: 219.276 miles

South Endpoint:
Junction K-44 at Anthony (1926-1932)
OK 14 at the Oklahoma State Line south of Hardtner (1932-1940)
Junction US 281 west of Kiowa (1940-1962)
Junction US 281 west of Kiowa, concurrent with K-2 (1962-1995)
Junction US 160 West of Harper (1995-present)

North Endpoint:
NE 14 at the Nebraska State Line southwest of Superior, NE

Counties Served:
Harper, Kingman, Reno, Rice, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Mitchell, Jewell

Historic Counties Served:
Barber (1932-1995)

  1. Intersection Additions
  2. Timeline
  3. Juntion Guide
  4. AADT

Intersection Additions


The ramp from K-14 north to US 50 west in South Hutchinson (0.273 miles)
The off-ramp from US 50 west to K-14 north southwest of Hutchinson (0.665 miles)
The on-ramp from K-14 north to I-70 east (0.256 miles)
The off-ramp from I-70 east to K-14 north (0.277 miles)


The off-ramp from US 50 east to K-14 south (0.227 miles)
The on-ramp from K-14 south to US 50 east (0.447 miles)
The off-ramp from I-70 west to K-14 south (0.304 miles)
The on-ramp from K-14 south to I-70 west (0.233 miles)


  • 2012:
    • K-14 realigned in Kingman and Reno Counties
      • K-14 from US 54 west of Kingman to K-61 near Arlington is re-designated K-11.
      • K-14 from K-61 northeast of Arlington to K-96 west of Nickerson is turned back to Reno County, becoming Sego Road.
      • K-14 designation removed from US 54-400 west of Kingman and added to US 54-400 east of Kingman
      • K-17 is re-designated K-14
      • K-96 from the former K-17 south of Hutchinson to Sego Road west of Nickerson is re-designated K-14/K-96
  • 2021:
    • New controlled-access “Super Two” alignment on K-14/K-96 bypassing Nickerson and Sterling let in February.
  • 2023
    • 14 June new K-14/K-96 “Super Two” opened to traffic

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
14-39/0.0000.000US 160/K-2 (Begin K-14)
14-39/1.0001.000NW/NE 100 Rd, Harper County
7.458Harper/Kingman county line
14-48/3.04810.506SE 150 Street, Kingman County
14-48/11.17818.636SE 70 Street
14-48/14.78822.246SW/SE 40 Street
14-48/17.15824.616South city limits Kingman
26.162West junction US 54/400
54-48/20.70127.349East city limits Kingman
54-48/23.69630.344NE 40 Avenue
54-48/26.61533.263NE 70 Avenue
36.321East junction US 54/400
14-48/32.34539.803NE 50 Street
40.803Kingman/Reno county line
14-78/3.00043.803Pretty Prairie Road
14-78/6.26547.068Parallel Road
14-78/11.34052.143Arlington Road
14-78/16.65657.459East Junction K-14 (Crupper’s Corner)
(K-96 joins K-14)
60.184East Junction US 50
(K-14/K-96 leaves US 50/K-61)
61.696West Junction US 50
(K-14/K-96 joins US 50/K-61)
14-78/32.51673.319East city limits Nickerson
14-78/33.45874.261West city limits Nickerson
14-78/38.21379.016Sego Road
81.243Rice/Reno County Line
14-80/0.50081.743101st Avenue
14-80/3.02284.265South city limits Sterling
14-80/4.37085.613North city limits Sterling
14-80/6.02387.266Avenue T
14-80/9.07690.319Avenue Q
14-80/12.08093.323South city limits Lyons
14-80/13.07694.319US 56
(K-96 leaves K-14 and joins US 56)
14-80/13.81695.059North city limits Lyons
14-80/20.076101.319Avenue F
106.347Rice/Ellsworth county line
14-27/5.006111.353Avenue T, Ellsworth County
14-27/14.950121.297South city limits Ellsworth
14-27/15.108121.455Main Street, Ellsworth
14-27/15.180121.5271st Street, Ellsworth
14-27/15.396121.7434th Street, Elllsworth
14-27/15.990122.337North city limits Ellsworth
129.800West junction I-70
132.713East junction I-70
134.238Ellsworth/Lincoln county line
14-53/9.071143.309Iron Drive, Lincoln County
14-53/12.276146.514South city limits Lincoln
14-53/12.471146.709Lincoln Avenue
14-53/12.943147.181North city limits Lincoln
14-53/18.709152.947Sage Drive
159.117Lincoln/Mitchell county line
14-62/9.800168.917P Road, Mitchell County
14-62/14.800173.917K Road
14-62/16.746175.863South city limits Beloit
14-62/19.399178.516US 24/K-9
14-62/19.450178.567North city limits Beloit
186.333Mitchell/Jewell county line
14-45/7.072193.405South city limits Jewell
14-45/7.674194.007North city limits Jewell
14-45/11.174197.507L Road
201.600West junction US 36
204.053East junction US 36
14-45/27.675214.008Z Road
14-45/32.943219.276Kansas/Nebraska state line

AADT (2021)

LocationCountTruck %
US 160 to 8th Street, Harper1,81012.7%
8th St, Harper, to MP 11,20025.8%
MP 1 to MP 10.570534.8%
MP 10.5 to K-4278540.1%
K-42 to MP 18.61,05028.6%
MP 18.6 to MP 22.21,40025.4%
SW/SE 40 Street to south city limits Kingman1,98019.2%
South city limits Kingman to West Junction US 54-4003,61010.9%
US 54 from west junction US 54/K-14 to East City Limits Kingman10,30013.5%
US 54 from East city limits Kingman to NE 40 Avenue6,04022.7%
US 54 from NE 40 Avenue to NE 70 Avenue5,85023.8%
US 54 from NE 70 Avenue to east junction K-145,90023.6%
East junction US 54/400 to MP 39.81,31012.2%
MP 39.8 to MP 43.81,18014.0%
MP 43.8 to MP 47.11,55011.3%
MP 47.1 to MP 52.11,68011.0%
MP 52.1 to K-962,23011.2%
K-96 to MP 59.29,43018.2%
MP 59.2 to US 50, Hutchinson9,48018.0%
On US 50/K-14 concurrency8,36028.7%
US 50 to 6th Avenue2,85029.3%
6th Avenue to 4th Avenue3,31025.1%
4th Avenue to Wilson Road2,86029.0%
Wilson Road to south city limits Nickerson3,47023.1%
In Nickerson4,15019.8%
West city limits Nickerson to Sego Road2,10038.3%
Sego Road to MP 81.72,26035.2%
MP 81.7 to south city limits Sterling2,61030.7%
In Sterling4,52017.7%
North city limits Sterling to MP 87.33,70021.6%
MP 87.3 to MP 90.33,24025.0%
MP 90.3 to south city limits Lyons4,41018.6%
South City limits Lyons to US 565,89014.2%
US 56 to north city limits Lyons3,11014.6%
North city limits Lyons to MP 101.31,62623.1%
MP 101.3 to K-41,35028.9%
K-4 to MP 109.391525.7%
MP 109.3 to MP 111.31,16026.3%
MP 111.3 to K-1561,35025.6%
K-156 to south city limits Ellsworth69023.2%
SCL Ellsworth to Main Street1,46015.1%
Main Street to 1st Street1,8504.9%
1st Street to 4th Street2,5303.0%
4th Street to K-1401,6804.2%
K-140 to North City limits Ellsworth1,79023.2%
NCL Ellsworth to I-701,06020.8%
I-70/US 40/K-14 concurrency14,00033.1%
I-70 to MP 134.757547.8%
MP 134.7 to MP 14382523.6%
MP 143 to MP 135.696017.2%
MP 145.6 to South City limits Lincoln1,24016.5%
SCL Lincoln to Lincoln Avenue1,49015.8%
Lincoln Avenue to NCL Lincoln1,93013.0%
NCL Lincoln to K-181,84015.8%
K-18 to MP 15383023.5%
MP 153 to K-28459531.1%
K-284 to MP 168.963529.9%
MP 168.9 to MP 17479022.7%
MP 174 to south city limits Beloit1,67016.2%
SCL Beloit to 8th/Hersey Avenue3,1606.8%
8th/Hersey to 8th/Independence Avenue4,2105.7%
8th/Independence to US 243,5807.8%
US 24 to MP 181.51,47014.3%
MP 181.5 to South City Limits Jewell1,11018.0%
SCL Jewell to K-281,37016.1%
K-28 to north city limits Jewell1,27018.1%
NCL Jewell to MP 197.51,13019.9%
MP 197.5 to US 361,05023.8%
On US 36/K-14 concurrency1,44022.4%
US 36 to MP 21447526.3%
MP 214 to Nebraska State Line74020.3%