US Highway 50

Length: 447.700 miles

West Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line at Elkhart

East Endpoint: Missouri State Line in Mission Hills

Counties Served:
Morton, Stevens, Seward, Haskell, Gray, Ford, Edwards, Pawnee, Barton, Rice, McPherson, Marion, Dickinson, Morris, Lyon, Osage, Douglas, Johnson

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Across Kansas, 50 was a split route between Garden City and Baldwin Junction in Douglas County. See the history of US 50N and US 50S for an overview of the history of the individual segments of the split routes.

Outside the splits, by 1932, US 50 was gravel between Syracuse and Kendall, and between Baldwin and Gardner, with the remainder hard-surfaced. The rest of US 50 in Johnson County was hard surfaced by 1933, and in Hamilton and Douglas Counties by 1936.

By 1955, The US 50 N/S split was eliminated with the introduction of US 56 and 156. As a consequence, the Baldwin Junction-Kansas City segment of US 50 was re-designated as US 50/56. By 1962, I-35 had been completed between Kansas City and Ottawa, and US 50’s designation was moved to the new highway, re-designating the old US50S between Ottawa and Baldwin Junction solely as US 59, and the old US 50 east of Baldwin Junction solely as US 56. US 50 no longer went through Douglas County, but cut across the northwest corner of Miami County.

I-35 re-joined the old US 50 alignment at Olathe, and was built on top of it from Olathe to the Shawnee Mission Parkway. US 50 (and US 56) followed the Shawnee Mission Parkway east to the Missouri State Line. By 1984, US 50 was moved from the Shawnee Mission Parkway to I-435.

Junction Guide

50-38/0.0000.000Colorado State Line (concurrent with US 400)
50-38/1.4901.490West city limits Coolidge
50-38/2.5192.519East city limits Coolidge
50-38/12.87912.879Hamilton County Road M
50-38/16.09416.094West jct K-27, West city limits Syracuse
50-38/16.62416.624East jct K-27
50-38/17.18117.181East city limits Syracuse
50-38/18.23118.231Road Q
28.498Hamilton/Kearny county line
50-47/8.98437.482Road J
50-47/14.96343.461West city limits Lakin
50-47/15.91344.411East city limits Lakin
50-47/22.77851.276West city limits Deerfield
50-47/23.16351.661East city limits Deerfield
53.865Kearny/Finney County Line
50-28/4.00057.865Ritchel Road
50-28/5.98359.848Big Lowe Road
50-28/11.98365.848US 50B/US 83/US 83B (US 83 joins US 50-US 400)
50-28/17.29171.156US 50B/US 83 (US 83 leaves US 50-US 400)
50-28/18.88272.747Farmland Road
50-28/22.73076.595Pole Line Road
50-28/26.82380.688Garden City Regional Airport
50-28/29.33683.201Main Street, Pierceville
83.840Finney/Gray County Line
50-35/5.60089.440Road 6
50-35/12.33796.177Road 13/Main Street, Ingalls
50-35/18.149101.989West city limits Cimarron
50-35/19.108102.948East city limits Cimarron
109.848Gray/Ford County Line
50-29/6.833116.681East junction US 400 (US 400 leaves US 50)
50-29/8.582118.430Wyatt Earp Boulevard
50-29/10.768120.616West city limits Doge City
50-29/11.273121.12114th Avenue
50-29/12.048121.896Gary Avenue
50-29/12.430122.278East City limits Dodge City
50-29/16.501126.349West junction US 56/US 283 (US 56/US 283 joines US 50)
50-29/18.237128.085East junction US 283 (US 283 leaves US 50/US 56)
50-29/28.037137.885Main Street, Spearville
148.309Ford/Edwards county line
50-24/0.274148.583West city limits Offerle
50-24/0.789149.098East city limits Offerle
50-24/8.108156.417East junction US 56 (US 56 leaves US 50)
50-24/8.316156.625West City limits Kinsley
50-24/9.054157.363US 183
50-24/9.448157.757East city limits Kinsley
50-24/17.473165.782180th Avenue
Sunnyside Drive, Lewis
50-24/26.883175.192Junction K-19, Belpre
179.388Edwards/Stafford County Line
50-93/2.472181.860West city limits Macksville
50-93/3.473182.861East city limits Macksville
50-93/15.036194.424US 281 (roundabout)
50-93/23.047202.435West city limits Stafford
50-93/23.270202.658East city limits Stafford
209.431Stafford/Reno County Line
50-78/16.831226.262Sego Road
50-78/23.520232.951West junction K-61 (K-61 joins US 50)
50-78/29.028238.459West interchange K-14/K-96, Hutchinson (K-14 joins US 50/K-61)
50-78/30.540239.971East interchange K-14/K-96, Hutchinson (K-14 leaves US 50/K-61)
50-78/32.232241.663Scott Boulevard/McNew Road
50-78/33.033242.464East jct K-61, Hutchinson (K-61 leaves US 50)
253.498Reno/Harvey County Line
50-40/11.007264.505Junction K-89, north of Halstead
50-40/18.000271.498Meridian Road, Newton
50-40/19.956273.454K-15/Kansas Avenue, Newton
274.211South Junction I-135/US 50
I-135 exit 30
135-40/9.047274.9761st Street
135-40/10.054275.98312th Street
135-40/10.061275.990North City Limits Newton
276.312North Junction I-135/US 50
I-135 exit 33
50-40/27.869281.367West city limits Walton
50-40/28.641282.139East city limits Walton
289.058Harvey/Marion County Line
50-57/3.907291.079West city limits Peabody
50-57/4.669291.841East city limits Peabody
50-57/14.890302.062West city limits Florence
50-57/15.291302.463US 77 (roundabout)
50-57/16.126303.298East city limits Florence
308.167Marion/Chase County Line
50-9/20.103328.270West city limits Strong City
50-9/20.640328.807East city limits Strong City
338.439Chase/Lyon County Line
50-56/6.846345.285Junction I-35/I-335/KTA, Emporia (roundabout)
50-56/7.005345.444West city limits Emporia
50-56/8.121346.560Prairie Street
50-56/9.628348.067K-99/Commercial St., Emporia
50-56/11.343349.782East city limits Emporia
350.377West jct I-35, I-35 exit 133, Emporia
35-56/21.850355.620Exit 138: County Road U
35-56/24.872358.642Exit 141: K-130
360.706Lyon/Coffey County Line
35-16/5.177365.883Exit 148: K-131/Lebo
35-16/13.322374.028Exit 155: US 75 (BETO Junction)
374.100Coffey/Osage County Line
35-70/3.984378.084Exit 160: K-31 North/Melvern
35-70/6.011380.111Exit 162: K-31 South/Waverly
385.502Osage/Franklin County Line
35-30/15.084400.586Exit 183: US 59 South/Garnett
35-30/19.407404.909Exit 187: K-68
35-30/20.757406.259Exit 189: US 59 North/Lawrence
35-30/29.949415.451Exit 198: K-33/Wellsville
416.544Franklin/Miami County Line
419.394Miami/Johnson County Line
35-46/8.872428.266Exit 210: US 56 West (US 56 joins I-35/US 50)
35-46/12.110431.504South City Limits Olathe
35-46/13.623433.017US 169 South/K-7/151st Street (US 169 joins I-35/US 50/US 56)
35-46/19.041438.435Olathe/Lenexa City limits
440.014I-435 (US 50 leaves I-35/US 56/US 169 amd joins I-435)
435-46/7.335440.365Lenexa/Overland Park City Limits
435-46/6.307441.393Quivira Road
435-46/5.305442.395US 69
435-46/1.748445.952Roe Avenue
435-46/1.244446.456Overland Park/Leawood City limits
435-46/0.000447.700Missouri State Line (concurrent with I-435)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Colorado state line to Coolidge1,71724.3%
In Coolidge1,42038.0%
Coolidge to Syracuse1,68026.5%
US 50/US 400/K-27 Concurrency, Syracuse4,59025.5%
East junction K-27 to East city limits Syracuse4,19025.1%
Syracuse to Road Q2,24031.7%
Road Q to Hamilton/Kearny county line1,50045.7%
Hamilton/Kearny county line to Lakin2,41029.7%
West city limits Lakin to K-255,15011.3%
K-25 to East city limits Lakin6,51016.5%
Lakin to Deerfield4,86016.7%
Deerfield to Big Lowe Road5,69014.1%
Big Lowe Road to US 50B/US 83/US 83B10,40013.1%
US 50B/US 83B/US 83 to K-1568,41030.0%
K-156 to US 50B/US 839,63025.4%
US 50B/US 83 to Farmland Road10,60015.8%
Farmland Road to Pole Line Road8,43016.9%
Pole Line Road to Garden City Regional Airport5,44025.4%
Garden City Regional Airport to Pierceville4,91026.1%
Pierceville to Ingalls5,12023.6%
Ingalls to Cimarron5,39024.7%
West city limits Cimarron to K-237,06016.9%
K-23 to east city limits Cimarron8,18015.8%
Cimarron to East junction US 4006,57022.2%
US 400 to Wyatt Earp Boulevard7,86016.2%
Waytt Earp Boulevard to 14th Avenue4,03014.9%
14th Avenue to Gary Avenue7,8607.3%
Gary Avenue to east city limits Dodge City5,87010.6%
ECL Dodge City to west junction US 56/US 2833,71011.2%
West junction US 56/US 283
to east junction US 283
East junction US 283 to Spearville2,00022.0%
Spearville to Offerle4,73030.4%
In Offerle5,41028.2%
Offerle to east junction US 564,85030.3%
East junction US 56 to US 183, Kinsley4,38027.6%
US 183 to east city limits Kinsley4,41023.2%
Kinsley to MP 1602,95032.2%
MP 160 to Lewis2,49033.3%
Lewis to K-192,01053.0%
K-19 to Macksville2,18043.8%
In Macksville2,82029.1%
Macksville to US 2812,34045.9%
US 281 to Stafford2,64039.8%
In Stafford3,60035.0%
Stafford to Sego Road2,92037.0%
Sego Road to west junction K-613,21040.0%
West junction K-61 to west junction K-14/K-967,01018.5%
US 50/K-14/K-61/K-96 concurrency8,34028.9%
East junction K-14/K-96 to Scott Blvd/McNew Rd7,96017.2%
Scott Blvd/McNew Rd to east jct K-619,08017.2%
East junction K-61 to Burrton5,26025.5%
Burrton to K-894,55027.6%
K-89 to Meridian Road, Newton6,68020.0%
Meridian Road to K-158,06017.4%
K-15 to I-13510,50013.8%
Maxwell Street to East city limits McPherson10,4008.4%
East city limits McPherson to I-13511,8007.5%
I-135 from K-15/US 50 to 1st Street27,00016.1%
I-135 from 1st Street to Broadway25,40018.5%
I-135 from Broadway to north junction US 5023,70018.1%
I-135 to Walton6,58827.9%
Walton to Peabody5,10034.1%
In Peabody4,68044.5%
Peabody to Florence4,03045.7%
Florence to K-1503,30049.5%
K-150 to Strong City4,33044.6%
Strong City to Emporia6,61030.5%
West city limits Emporia to Prairie Street14,50020.0%
Prairie Street to K-9912,10024.0%
K-99 to East city limits Emporia8,03020.2%
East City limits Emporia to I-353,63048.9%
I-35 from I-35/US 50 to K-13018,40024.7%
I-35 from K-130 to K-13114,60632.2%
I-35 from K-131 to US 7514,30033.6%
I-35 from US 75 to K-3110,40044.8%
I-35 from K-31 to US 59 South14,00034.6%
I-35 from US 59 South to K-6822,20021.1%
I-35 from K-68 to US 59 North23,80019.7%
I-35 from US 59 North to K-3323,20020.0%
I-35 from K-33 to Gardner34,60034.0%
I-35 from Gardner to US 16952,80022.7%
I-35 from US 169 to Santa Fe, Olathe87,70016.0%
I-35 from Santa Fe, Olathe to I-435116,00012.1%
I-435 from I-35/I-435 to Quivira127,0004.8%
I-435 from Quivira to US 69137,0004.6%
I-435 from US 69 to Roe151,0004.8%
I-435 from Roe to State Line145,0005.0%