Kansas Highway 27

Length: 226.241 miles

South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line South of Elkhart (1926-1953)
OK 95 at the Oklahoma State Line south of Elkhart (1953-2003)
Junction US 56 northeast of Elkhart (2003-present)

North Endpoint: Nebraska State Line south of Haigler, Neb.

Counties Served:
Morton, Stanton, Hamilton, Greeley, Wallace, Sherman, Cheyenne

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In 2003, KDOT constructed a new bypass on the north side of Elkhart. The bypass was designated as part of K-27 and the old route was turned back to the city and county. While the old road ended at the Kansas-Oklahoma line short of US 56, the bypass ended at 56 east of Elkhart. The Oklahoma highway that connected to K-27 at the state line, OK 95, was truncated back to US 56, creating a discontinuous route connected by US 56.

Junction Guide

County MPState MPJunction
27-65/0.0000.000US 56 (Begin K-27)
27-65/9.4139.413South junction K-51
(K-51 joins K-27)
27-65/17.21417.214Road 9/Road U
27-65/23.70823.708North junction K-51, Richfield
(K-51 leaves K-27)
27-65/24.21024.2109th Street, Richfield
27-65/24.78424.784North city limits Richfield
27-65/28.78528.785Z Road
33.104Morton/Stanton county line
27-94/4.10337.207Road 21
27-94/12.10345.207South junction US 160
27-94/13.11046.214North junction US 160
27-94/21.11054.214Road 4
57.222Stanton/Hamilton County line
27-38/12.20069.422Road 25
27-38/16.23573.457South city limits Syracuse
27-38/16.86574.087East junction US 50-400
27-38/17.39574.617West junction US 50-400
West city limits Syracuse
94.029Hamilton/Greeley county line
27-36/3.05097.079Road BB
27-36/14.150108.179South city limits Tribune
27-36/14.571108.600Lawrence Street
27-36/14.874108.903North city limits Tribune
27-36/19.155113.184Road L
27-36/27.155121.184Thirteen Mile Road
124.288Greeley/Wallace county line
27-100/6.016130.304Gooseberry Road
27-100/13.118137.406South city limits Sharon Springs
27-100/14.124138.412North city limits Sharon Springs
138.426West junction US 40
138.526East junction US 40
27-100/27.126151.414Blue Bird Road
154.751Wallace/Sherman county line
27-91/7.102161.853Sherman County Road 57
27-91/13.130167.881South city limits Goodland
27-91/14.132168.883US 24B; North city limits Goodland
27-91/14.557169.30816th Street. Goodland
27-91/15.134169.8858th Street, Goodland
27-91/18.684173.435Sherman CR 68
185.435Sherman/Cheyenne County line
198.454East junction US 36
36-12/14.029203.006East city limits St. Francis
36-12/13.180203.855West city limits St. Francis
205.135West junction US 36
27-12/40.806226.241Nebraska state line
(end K-27)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
US 56 to MP 252036.5%
MP 2 to south junction K-5149039.8%
South junction K-51 to Road U42042.9%
Road U to north junction K-5146044.6%
K-51 to 9th Street, Richfield1,03031.6%
9th Street to North City limits Richfield93034.4%
Richfield to Z Road61546.3%
Z Road to Morton/Stanton county line82031.7%
Morton/Stanton county line to Road 2170536.9%
Road 21 to south junction US 16098034.7%
US 160/K-27 concurrency1,33030.8%
North junction US 160 to Road 41,48032.4%
Road 4to Stanton/Hamilton county line1,26046.8%
Stanton/Hamilton county line to Road 251,50039.3%
Road 25 to Syracuse1,88029.0%
South city limits Syracuse to US 50-4003,75010.7%
US 50/US 400/K-25 concurrency4,59025.5%
US 50-400 to MP 791,06038.2%
MP 79 to Hamilton/Greeley county line85546.8%
Hamilton/Greeley county line to Road BB1,05050.0%
Road BB to MP 19559556.4%
MP 195 to K-9685546.8%
K-96 to Lawrence Street, Tribune2,67013.1%
Lawrence Street to north city limits Tribune2,19017.6%
Tribune to Road L1,11050.9%
Road L to Thirteen Mile Road1,19051.2%
Thirteen Mile Road, Greely County to
MP 127, Wallace County
MP 127 to Gooseberry Road1,05051.9%
Gooseberry Road to Sharon Springs1,47038.4%
South city limits Sharon Springs to
west junction US 40
US 40/K-27 concurrency1,37019.7%
East Junction US 40 to Blue Bird Road1,09033.3%
Blue Bird Road to Sherman CR 5798033.7%
Sherman CR 57 to Goodland1,24024.2%
South city limits Goodland to I-701,59022.6%
I-70 to US 24B5,28010.3%
US 24B to 16th Street5,42012.4%
16th Street to 8th Street3,40019.4%
8th Street to Sherman CR 681,47024.1%
Sherman CR 68 to
Sherman/Cheyenne County line
Sherman/Cheyenne County line to
east junction US 36
US 36 from east junction US 36/K-27 to St. Francis2,47027.5%
US 36 in St. Francis3,01014.6%
US 36 from St. Francis to west junction US 36/K-271,35017.4%
West junction US 36 to Nebraska State Line63036.5%