US Highway 36

Length: 390.594 miles

West Endpoint:
Junction US 40N near Halford, concurrent with K-22 (1926-1930)
Colorado State Line west of St. Francis (1930-present)

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line at Elwood, Kan./St. Joseph, Mo.

Counties Served:
Cheyenne, Rawlins, Decatur, Norton, Phillips, Smith, Jewell, Republic, Washington, Marshall, Nemaha, Brown, Doniphan

Historic Counties Served: Thomas, Sheridan (1926-1930)

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The original routing for US 36 took it southwest along K-22 from Norton to US 40N near Halford. The former K-2 west of Norton was re-designated US 36 by 1932

All of US 36 was gravel across the state, with hard-surfaced segments between Montrosa and Courtland, between Marysville and Seneca, east out of Hiawatha, and between Troy and St. Joseph, Mo. in 1932. By 1936, US 36 was hard-surfaced from Norton to Belleville, and from Marysville to Highland. By 1940, the segment between Highland and Troy was hard surfaced. By 1945, US 36 was straigtended between Seneca and Fairview, and part of this new alignment east of Seneca was still gravel. This, along with a segment between Belleview east to Cuba, and from Norton west to the Norton-Decatur county line, were the final segments of gravel on US 36 in Kansas. They were hard-surfaced by 1950.

Junction Guide

County MPState MPJunction
36-12/0.0000.000Colorado state line
36-12/11.90011.900West Junction K-27
36-12/13.18013.180West city limits St. Francis
36-12/14.02914.029East city limits St. Francis
36-12/18.58118.581East Junction K-27
36-12/27.35227.352West city limits Bird City
36-12/28.86028.860East city limits Bird City
34.768Cheyenne/Rawlins county line
36-77/2.10036.868Rawlins Ave, McDonald
36-77/19.61454.382West city limits Atwood
36-77/20.36255.130East city limits Atwood
71.161Rawlins/Decatur County Line
36-20/10.47381.634West City limits Oberlin
36-20/10.97482.135US 83
36-20/11.71482.875East city limits Oberlin
101.011Decatur/Norton County Line
36-69/9.479110.490West junction K-383
36-69/14.903123.223West city limits Norton
36-69/15.741116.752US 283
36-69/16.240117.251East city limits Norton
36-69/21.444122.455East junction K-383
130.826Norton/Phillips County Line
36-74/17.114147.940West city limits Phillpsburg
36-74/17.356148.182West junction US 183
36-74/17.736148.5827th Street, Phillpsburg
36-74/17.979148.805East city limits Phillipsburg
36-74/18.251149.077East junction US 183
36-74/28.251159.077Center Street, Agra
162.384Phillips/Smith County Line
36-92/1.491163.875West city limits Kensington
36-92/1.886164.270East city limits Kensington
36-92/15.258177.642West junction US 281
36-92/15.669178.053East city limits Smith Center
36-92/27.262189.646US 281/K-181
192.642Smith/Jewell County line
36-45/8.541201.183West junction K-128
36-45/10.538203.180East junction K-128
36-45/15.402208.044West city limits Mankato
36-45/16.083208.725East city limits Mankato
36-45/18.005210.647West junction K-14
36-45/20.458213.100East junction K-14
223.356Jewell/Republic County Line
36-79/7.643230.999West city limits Scandia
36-79/8.101231.457East city limits Scandia
36-79/15.617238.973US 81
36-79/16.420239.776West city limits Belleville
36-79/16.513239.869East city limits Belleville
253.721Republic/Washington County Line
36-101/10.669275.971West junction K-15
36-101/16.578270.299West city limits Washington
36-101/17.016270.737East junction K-15
36-101/17.269270.990East city limits Washington
284.246Washington/Marshall County Line
36-58/7.422291.668West junction US 77
36-58/8.013292.259West city limits Marysville
36-58/8.542292.788East junction US 77
36-58/9.207293.453East city limits Marysville
314.392Marshall/Nemaha County Line
36-66/3.000317.3921st Street, Baileyville
36-66/8.403322.795West city limits Seneca
36-66/9.732324.124East city limits Seneca; West Jct K-63
36-66/10.492324.884East junction K-63
338.379Nemaha/Brown County Line
36-7/2.758341.137US 75
36-7/2.949341.328West city limits Fairview
36-7/3.456341.835East city limits Fairview
36-7/13.667352.046West city limits Hiawatha
36-7/13.696352.075East city limits Hiawatha
36-7/14.311352.690US 73/US 159
362.684Brown/Doniphan county line
36-22/21.282383.966West city limits Wathena
36-22/23.216385.900South city limits Wathena
36-22/27.000389.684West city limits Elwood
36-22/27.910390.594Missouri State Line
Elwood/St. Joseph City limits

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Colorado State line to MP 285021.2%
MP 2 to west junction K-271,01019.8%
West junction K-27 to St. Francis1,35017.4%
In St. Francis3,01014.6%
St. Francis to east junction K-272,47027.5%
East junction K-27 to K-161/Bird City1,88015.4%
In Bird City1,69019.2%
Bird City to MP 331,63019.0%
MP 33 to McDonald1,52020.7%
McDonald to MP 521,37023.4%
MP 52 to Atwood1,12030.8%
In Atwood2,05015.9%
Atwood to MP 571,84017.4%
MP 57 to K-1171,10022.7%
K-117 to MP 721,07023.4%
MP 72 to MP 7784029.8%
MP 77 to US 831,03023.8%
In Oberlin3,0909.4%
Oberlin to Sappa Park (MP 84)1,72018.3%
Sappa Park to MP 901,56018.9%
MP 90 to Norcatur1,27026.1%
Norcatur to MP 1061,14023.7%
MP 106 to west junction K-38394926.2%
West junction K-383 to K-2612,35026.2%
K-261 to Norton2,55024.7%
West city limits Norton to US 2836,07010.9%
US 283 to east city limits Norton5,74011.3%
Norton to K-673,05020.7%
K-67 to east junction K-3832,64024.4%
East junction K-383 to K-601,04026.9%
K-60 to MP 1361,25025.6%
MP 136 to MP 1401,01032.7%
MP 140 to MP 1451,19031.1%
MP 145 to Phillipsburg1,21027.3%
West city limits Phillipsburg to west junction US 1832,79028.7%
West junction US 183 to 7th Street, Phillipsburg6,10011.6%
7th Street, Phillipsburg to east junction US 1835,05014.1%
East junction US 183 to MP 1512,88022.7%
MP 151 to Agra1,68023.8%
Agra to Kensington1,50026.7%
Kensington to K-81,47026.2%
K-8 to MP 1731,74021.0%
MP 173 to K-2041,83019.9%
K-204 to Smith Center1,46025.3%
WCL Smith Center to west Jct US 2812,10018.3%
West junction US 281 to ECL Smith Center3,6009.7%
East city limits Smith Center to MP 1811,66020.5%
MP 181 to K-1821,52021.1%
K-182 to US 281/K-1811,25024.0%
US 281/K-181 to K-11292536.8%
K-112 to west junction K-12894534.9%
US 36/K-128 concurrency1,01035.6%
K-128 to Mankato1,49023.8%
In Mankato2,65012.6%
Mankato to west junction K-141,81919.0%
US 36/K-14 concurrency1,47024.1%
East junction K-14 to MP 2171,16031.0%
MP 217 to MP MP 2231,03033.0%
MP 223 to K-1991,12025.9%
K-199 to K-2661,63018.7%
K-266 to Scandia2,12015.8%
In Scandia2,20016.6%
Scandia to MP 2351,99016.3%
MP 235 to US 812,19018.8%
In Belleville3,44011.6%
Belleville to K-1392,07015.7%
K-139 to MP 2521,12025.9%
MP 252 to K-2294530.6%
K-22 to west junction K-151,07027.6%
West junction K-15 to Washington2,09021.6%
West city limits Washington to east junction K-154,1309.0%
East junction K-15 to east city limits Washington4,16012.9%
Washington to MP 2753,02010.8%
MP 275 to K-1482,49021.7%
K-148 to MP 2852,63025.7%
MP 285 to West junction US 773,96015.9%
West junction US 77 to Marysville5,77012.3%
West city limits Marysville to east junction US 779,3907.3%
East junction US 77 to east city limits Marysville9,8106.9%
Marysville to MP 2964,98013.5%
MP 296 to MP 3014,01017.0%
MP 301 to K-993,35024.2%
K-99 to K-1102,51026.2%
K-110 to Baileyville2,95022.0%
Baileyville to K-1873,66019.0%
K-187 to K-1784,36015.9%
K-178 to Seneca5,31013.1%
In Seneca7,0509.9%
On US 36/K-63 concurrency4,70014.8%
East junction K-63 to MP 3273,98021.9%
MP 327 to K-2363,64022.7%
K-236 to the Nemaha/Brown county line3,56023.7%
Nemaha/Brown county line to US 752,94028.6%
In Fairview5,44017.0%
Fairview to MP 3464,54021.3%
MP 346 to MP 3504,73023.5%
MP 350 to exit 3523,98024.9%
Exit 352 to US 73/US 1594,43022.2%
US 73/US 159 to exit 3543,69024.7%
Exit 354 to exit 3613,30027.3%
Exit 361 to MP 3643,19028.7%
MP 364 to K-1203,43027.8%
K-120 to K-74,18022.5%
K-7 to K-1365,03020.7%
K-136 to MP 3826,52015.8%
MP 382 to Wathena7,38014.4%
Wathena to exit 3869,56012.6%
Exit 386 to K-2389,42013.5%
K-238 to exit 38814,80010.9%
Exit 388 to Missouri state line16,8009.6%