US Highway 75

Length: 228.161 miles

South Endpoint: Oklahoma State Line south of Caney

North Endpoint: Nebraska State Line north of Sabetha

Counties Served:
Montgomery, Wilson, Woodson, Coffey, Osage, Shawnee, Jackson, Brown, Nemaha

  1. Junction Guide
  2. Average Annual Daily Traffic

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
75-63/0.0000.000Oklahoma State line (Begin US 75)
75-63/0.7030.703South city limits Caney
75-63/1.2011.201North city limits Caney
75-63/1.6971.697South junction US 166
75-63/4.6954.695North junction US 166
75-63/20.66420.664West junction US 160 (US 75 joins US 160)
75-63/21.78321.783West city limits Independence
75-63/22.81222.812Main Street/22nd Street, Independence
75-63/23.17823.178Main Street/17th Street, Independence
75-63/23.68423.684Main Street/10th Street (US 75 leaves US 160)
75-63/23.87323.87310th Street/Chesnut Street
75-63/24.14124.141Chesnut Street/Penn Avenue
75-63/24.72124.721Penn Avenue/Beech Street
75-63/25.06825.068Penn Avenue/Willow Street
75-63/26.31126.311North City limits Independence
75-63/33.49333.493South junction US 400 (US 75 joins US 400)
33.493Montgomvery/Wilson county line
75-103/1.96737.524North junction US 400 (US 75 leaves US 400)
75-103/3.31138.868West city limits Neodesha
75-103/3.90439.4613rd Street, Neodesha
75-103/4.06739.624East city limits Neodesha
75-103/11.43646.993South junction US75B
75-103/12.06547.622South city limits Altoona
75-103/12.56748.124K-47; North city limits Altoona
75-103/12.95548.512North junction US 75B
75-103/24.04159.598East junction K-39
75-103/24.96960.526West junction K-39
75-103/26.14961.706Elm Street, Buffalo
63.509Wilson/Woodson county line
75-104/10.71174.220South city limits Yates Center
75-104/11.22174.730US 54
75-104/11.71475.223North city limits Yates Center
85.758Woodson/Coffey county line
75-16/3.02288.780South junction K-58
75-16/3.96089.718North junction K-58
75-16/10.10395.861South city limits Burlington
75-16/10.40696.164Potomac Street, Burlington
75-16/10.79296.550Hudson Street, Burlington
75-16/11.03896.796Kennebac Street, Burlington
75-16/11.73697.494North city limits Burlington
75-16/15.238100.996South city limits New Strawn
75-16/15.738101.496North city limits New Strawn
75-16/18.405104.163Coffey County Airport
75-16/25.426111.184Old US 50
75-16/26.998112.756I-35, BETO Junction
113.197Coffey/Osage county line
75-70/5.870119.067South Junction K-31 (K-31 joins US 75)
75-70/12.738125.935South City limits Lyndon
75-70/13.348126.545North city limits Lyndon
75-70/15.039128.236K-268; North junction K-31 (roundabout)
(K-31 leaves US 75)
75-70/25.082138.279US 56
75-70/27.354140.551South city limits Carbondale
75-70/27.412140.609North City limits Carbondale
75-70/27.595140.792Main Street/137th Street, Carbondale
144.307Osage/Shawnee county line
75-89/2.525146.832Topeka Boulevard
75-89/4.461148.768SW 77th Street
75-89/6.973151.280SW 57th Street
153.639East junction I-470
470-89/4.304155.172Gage Boulevard
470-89/3.500155.976I-470/Fairlawn Road
470-89/2.221157.255SW 21st Street
470-89/1.212158.264I-470/Wanamaker Road
158.981West junction I-470
159.381West Junction I-70
161.358East junction I-70
Kansas River
(Westgate Bridge)
75-89/18.300162.607Lower Silver Lake Road
75-89/19.020163.327US 24
75-89/20.437164.744NW 35th Street
75-89/21.850166.157NW 46th Street
75-89/23.848168.155NW 62nd Street
172.157Shawnee/Jackson county line
75-43/2.002174.159South junction K-214
75-43/2.991175.148North junction K-214
75-43/16.832188.989South city limits Holton
75-43/17.826189.983North city limits Holton
202.897Jackson/Brown county line
75-7/13.089215.986US 36
75-7/18.148221.045Main Street, Sabetha
227.096Brown/Nemaha county line
75-66/1.065228.161Nebraska state line (end US 75)

Average Annual Daily Traffic (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Oklahoma State Line to Caney6,3302.8%
In Caney7,4102.4%
Caney to US 1666,9802.6%
US 75/US 166 concurrency4,8609.9%
US 166 to MP 73,37015.3%
MP 7 to MP 112,93016.2%
MP 11 to MP 183,29016.7%
MP 18 to West junction US 1603,98013.6%
West junction US 160 to Independence4,99012.3%
Main Street from WCL Independence to 22nd8,4507.2%
Main Street from 22nd Street to 17th Street9,2106.6%
Main Street from 17th Street to 10th Street10,1006.0%
On 10th Street, Independence8,6507.0%
On Chestnut Street, Independence5,26013.5%
Penn Avenue from Chestnut to Beech Streets8,2606.4%
Penn Avenue from Beach to Willow Streets7,5209.1%
Penn Avenue from Willow to NCL Independence6,3709.3%
Independence to MP 295,65010.2%
MP 29 to South junction US 4004,37014.3%
South junction US 400 to
Montgomery/Wilson county line
Montgomery/Wilson county line to
north junction US 400
North junction US 400 to Neodesha3,1307.8%
West city limits Neodesha to 3rd Street4,4205.5%
3rd Street to east city limits Neodesha2,28010.5%
Neodesha to MP 421,86012.9%
MP 42 to K-471,68014.6%
K-47 to K-391,66022.6%
US 75/K-39 concurrency3,03023.8%
K-39 to Buffalo2,39027.2%
Buffalo to MP 702,00026.5%
MP 70 to Yates Center2,45019.8%
South city limits Yates Center to US 543,65013.8%
US 54 to north city limits Yates Center3,43017.1%
Yates Center to MP 802,18026.4%
MP 80 to south junction K-581,80035.3%
US 75/K-58 concurrency2,47033.4%
North junction K-58 to Burlington2,67026.8%
South city limits Burlington to Potomac Street3,22025.0%
Potomac Street to Hudson Street4,74016.8%
Hudson Street to North city limits Burlington6,56013.3%
Burlington to New Strawn4,70017.4%
At New Strawn4,81017.3%
New Strawn to Coffey County Airport4,29019.1%
Coffey County Airport to Old US 503,05027.2%
Old US 50 to I-357,53011.3%
I-35 to K-2762,53026.1%
K-276 to South junction K-312,56025.8%
South junction K-31 to K-2782,72024.4%
K-278 to K-683,23020.6%
K-68 to Lyndon3,75018.4%
In Lyndon5,44012.5%
Lyndon to K-31/K-2685,66012.0%
K-31/K-268 to MP 1325,94014.1%
MP 132 to US 565,50015.7%
US 56 to Carbondale8,34014.2%
Carbondale to Topeka Blvd9,36014.2%
Topeka Boulevard to 77th Street8,49015.2%
77th Street to 57th Street11,40012.7%
57th Street to East junction I-47014,59410.0%
I-470 from E. Junction I-470/US 75 to Gage Blvd.37,4008.1%
I-470 from Gage Blvd. to Fairlawn Rd.43,0007.1%
I-470 from Fairlawn Rd. to 21st Street.40,4007.5%
I-470 from 21st Street to Wanamaker Road29,40010.1%
I-470 from Wanamaker Rd. to W jct. I-470/US 7531,4929.5%
West junction I-470 to West junction I-7018,80018.8%
I-70/US 40/US 75/K-4 concurrency63,40010.6%
East junction I-70 to Lower Silver Lake Road46,8008.6%
Lower Silver Lake Road to US 2441,1008.8%
US 24 to NW 35th Street25,7007.3%
NW 35th Street to NW 46th Street24,1007.7%
NW 46th Street to NW 62nd Street15,9009.5%
NW 62nd Street to South Junction K-21415,10010.4%
South junction K-214 to north junction K-21413,00011.2%
North junction K-214 to Exit 17911,30014.3%
Exit 179 to Mayetta9,03019.3%
Mayetta to Holton9,54018.4%
South city limits Holton to K-1612,30013.1%
K-16 to North city limits Holton10,00012.5%
Holton to MP 1917,90015.6%
MP 191 to MP 1937,24017.0%
MP 193 to MP 1996,42118.9%
MP 199 to K-95,43022.7%
K-9 to K-205,11024.6%
K-20 to MP 2075,25023.1%
MP 207 to US 364,37027.2%
US 36 to Sabetha6,07015.5%
Sabetha to K-2464,74021.1%
K-246 to Nebraska State line3,31027.6%