Klingons for Kerry

Saw this article on the Drudge Report a while back. A group of Oregon residents dressed up like Klingons for the release of a Star Trek DVD at a local record store. These Klingons state they support Kerry because “A good war is based on honor, not deception… The first warrior, President Bush, deceived us all with this war.”

Opinion on whether going to Iraq is justified or not aside, perhaps these Klingon should pick up the Deep Space Nine Fourth Season DVD. In the two-hour opener, Way of the Warrior, the Klingon leader, Chancellor Gowron, decided to pursure a war based on questionable intellegence. Not only did this allianated our heros, Gowron winds up attacking our heros as well.

In any case, this country has become so polarized that perhaps the best way to pick the next leader of the free world would be to have Bush and Kerry duel it out in a Bat’leth fight






One response to “Klingons for Kerry”

  1. Mike Silverman Avatar

    I would be all for that. Especially if they could do it Thursday night instead of the first debate.