September 1995, part 3

Once I got the picture taking thing started 20 years ago, I just kept going. Thankfully, I should be a little more mobile, which is a good thing, since between the Sat-box, my PC, and Solar heating, I may have Nelly beat on heat generation.

The next photo set I blog will be from October of ’95.

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September 1995, Part 2

Part 2 of a series of photos taken in September of 1995.

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Back to when it all began…

I’ve been doing this picture-taking thing for 20 years now. To close out this 20th year, I pulled out my old negative folder and scanned several negatives from that first year.

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Kansas City Road Meet

Here are the photos from last Saturday’s Kansas City road meet.

39840 39841 39842 39846 39847 39848 39849 39850 39851 39854 39858 39859 39860 39868 39872 39881 39886 39888 39889 39890 39891 39892