September 1995, part 3

Once I got the picture taking thing started 20 years ago, I just kept going. Thankfully, I should be a little more mobile, which is a good thing, since between the Sat-box, my PC, and Solar heating, I may have Nelly beat on heat generation.

The next photo set I blog will be from October of ’95.

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Free State Class of 2000 reunion

Last weekend was the Free State High School class of 2000 reunion. Since I was a friend to quite a few in the class, I was welcomed to “crash” the party.

I typically post the entire set from reunions, therefore, I won’t show the thumbnails in the blog post. Here, however, are the links to the individual photo pages. There are 30 photos to a page, and most of the photos are what the camera took, with no retouching. I may edit out some pictures later.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5