Big Tea Kettle, Part 2

After chasing the Union Pacific steam train from Neodesha to Paola on Sunday, November 17, I followed that up by catching the train twice more on Tuesday, November 19, at Linwood and Newman.

7:56 AM: A pair of UP Diesels leads a train of assorted equipment presumably bound for Fort Riley.
8:41 AM: An eastbound coal drag rolls through the East Linwood Crossovers.
Union Pacific ES44AC 2557 was the DPU pushing the coal train.
10:02 AM: The main event – 4014 comes off of the Stranger Creek Bridge at Linwood.
Shoot off enough frames, and you’re bound to get one of the engine “rods down”
Big Boy without the diesel
A young boy and his grandpa
11:13 AM: These work trucks were on their way to a work zone near Perry
12:01 PM: Big boy has cleared the work zone and is heading toward Topeka.
Big boy rolls past a crowd of onlookers, and the former Newman train station turned gas station turned private residence.

GOP Primary 2018

As I usually do, I share my election picks after my ballot is in the collection box.

Kansas Governor: Without question, I chose incumbent governor Jeff Colyer. There was no way in hell I was going to let current Secretary of State Kris Kobach anywhere near Cedar Crest if I had anything to say about it. If Kobach makes it to general, I will vote for the Democrat – whomever he or she may be. Continue reading GOP Primary 2018

First Sunday of 2016

[All this happened before I broke my foot]

The first Sunday of the month usually means cleaning the BNSF station in Lawrence. But first, I needed to get outside and catch some trains. Because of my ‘appointment,’ I elected to stay close to town and went with the UP Kansas Sub.

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Standing on the Edge of Time

Today’s archive re-scanning goes back to November 3, 2001…

Bonus points to anyone who can guess where I pulled the title of this post from 🙂
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Officers’ special

Today, Amtrak had an officers’ special to bring awareness of the Southwest Chief (and the possibility of it
being forced to re-route if funding to upgrade and maintain the line between Newton and Albuquerque cannot be found)

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Meeting my second family

For those that don’t know, I was adopted at birth. Recently, I decided to look into my biological family.

For me, it didn’t take that long. Armed with my biological mother’s name, I did a facebook search. It came back with results indicating that I had a “friend in common.”

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