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  • Topeka Sub Weekend

    Topeka Sub Weekend

    During the weekend, while over at the Shop (better known as Kennedy Glass) the BNSF sent some trains my way.

  • Exploring old highway 50

    Exploring old highway 50

    Back on July 9, one of my fellow road enthusiast friends came up to Kansas. While he was there, he wanted to do some “sightseeing.” Since I happened to have the day off from work, I was happy to oblige. 🙂

  • Video: Depot Redux Prize Drawing

    I’m starting at the end of Saturday’s Depot Redux train day presentation with Hank Booth M.C.’ing the drawings. The prizes were: a massage, 3 bottles of wine, a set of luggage, and two round-trip first class train tickets to Chicago.

  • New US 59 now open…

    New US 59 now open…

    … and I have photos from the new freeway, as well as a couple other highway-related oddities

  • Turnpike Bridge is coming down

    The KTA has issued a press release. Because of the way the KTA’s site is designed, I shall quote it verbatim. Additional information is now available on the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s upcoming demolition of the original bridge structures across the Kansas River in Lawrence. The steel structures that once carried I-70 traffic across the river […]

  • Locomotives are not props

    This afternoon, while I was mowing the Kennedy Glass property, I observed what appeared to be a photoshoot by a group of students associated with the adjacent Van Go Mobile Arts. What I found to be a problem with their photoshoot is that they choose to pose for pictures on the BNSF railroad tracks, and […]