KDOT Lettings: September 2021

There are 40 projects up for bids in the KDOT September lettings.


75-43 KA 5710-01: Installation of a “smart” flashing yellow beacon at the intersection of US 75 and 190 Road in Jackson County. The beacon is designed to flash when traffic on the crossroad is detected.

106 KA 6092-01: Signage upgrade on US 50, US 56, K-99, and K-170 in Lyon County, and the entire length of K-130 in Lyon and Coffey counties

70-105 KA 4744-05: Signage upgrade on I-70 between 110th Street and the Lewis and Clark Viaduct. Notable is the inclusion of the KTA shields on all of the reassurance markers west of 18th Street and the exclusion of a “LEFT” marker on the left exits.

81-15 KA 6195-01: Milling and HMA overlay from Eagle Road to the south city limits of Concordia in Cloud County

81-15 KA 6219-01: PCCP patching from the north city limits of Concordia to Union Road in Cloud County

64 KA 6221-01: 1.5-inch HMA overlay on US 56 from Council Grove east to the Morris/Lyon county line and on K-177 from Council Grove north to L Avenue

81-79 KA 5108-02: Guardrail upgrade on US 81 in Republic County

85 KA 6222-01: Milling and HMA overlay on K-4 from I-135 to Gypsum, as well as the entire length of K-104

40-55 KA 6209-01: Milling and HMA overlay from the Wallace/Logan County Line east the east junction US40/K-25

106 KA 6107-01: Signage upgrade on US 183 from Plainville to the Rooks/Phillips County line, US 24 from the Graham/Rooks County Line to Alton, K-18 from Palco to US 281, and the entire length of K-258

166-11 KA 1005-02: New US 166/US 400 4-lane freeway from the west US 160/US 400 Junction to K-26.

16 TE 0446-02: Re-construct the intersections of 3rd and Ogden, 4th and Odgen, and Broadway and Elm, all in Lebo.

54 TE 0479-02: Construct new bicycle path along 6th, Cedar, and Locust Streets in Pleasanton

54-8 KA 6348-01: Pavement marking at the US 54 and Andover Road intersection in Andover

135-40 KA 6347-01: Pavement marking on I-135 in Harvey County

73 KA 6227-01: Milling and HMA overlay on K-156 from the Hodgeman/Pawnee county line to Larned, the entire length of K-264, and US 183 from K-156 to the Pawnee/Rush county line.

78 TE 0457-01: Conversion of Washington Street from 17th Avenue to 27th Avenue to a Bicycle Boulevard

87 KA 6349-01: Pavement marking on Kellogg from Meridian to Washington Boulevard, the I-135 ramps at 47th Street, I-135 from 53rd Street to the Sedgwick/Harvey County line, and US 81 from 59th to 71st Street, all in Sedgwick County.

87 N 0678-01: Reconstruction of Woodlawn Avenue from 37th to 45th in Wichita

53-96 KA 6225-01: Milling and HMA overlay on K-53 near Mulvane

177-96 KA 6226-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 177

283-13 KA 6228-01: Surface recycle and chip seal on US 283 from US 160 north to US 54

106 KA 6093-01: Signage upgrade on US 56 from the Gray/Ford county line to US 50, US 283 from Wildfire Road to US 56, US 283 from US 50-56 to the Ford/Hodgeman county line, US 50 from US 400 to the Ford/Edwards County line, US 400 on the southwest Dodge City bypass, and US 400 from US 56-283 to Ford.

Federal-Aid, Local projects:

26 C 5035-01: New roadway along 230th and Feedlot road connecting I-70 west of Hays with US 183 north of Hays. Although this is a logical extension of US 183 Bypass, it appears that this roadway will be maintained by Ellis County.

61 C 5047-01: Reconstruction of Hedge lane at the BNSF Fort Scott Subdivision Crossing near Fontana

48 C 5043-01: Replace the Duck Creek and Chikaskia River bridges of SE 70th Road in Kingman County. Replacement of the Chikaskia River bridge is marked as an “Emergency Relief” project.

106 C 5034-01: Replace multiple bridges in KDOT District 6


106 KA 6291-01: RAP Sample milling in KDOT District 1

435-105 KA 6368-01: Bridge deck patching on I-435 from the Kansas River to the Union Pacific Falls City Subdivision in Wyandotte County

177-9 KA 6216-01: Chip seal on K-177 in Chase County

244-31 KA 6252-01: Chip seal on the entire length of K-244.

28-45 KA 6217-01: Chip seal on K-28 from K-14 to K-148

24-62 KA 6218-01: Surface recycle and chip seal on US 24 in Mitchell County.

148-106 KA 6380-01: Chip seal on K-148 from K-28 to US 81 in Jewell and Republic Counties

36-101 KA 6277-01: Repair gravel shoulders from K-22 to the west city limits of Washington.

160-13 KA 6253-01: Chip Seal on US 160 from US 283 to Ashland

160-13 KA 6286-01: Crack Sealing on US 160 from Ashland to the Clark/Comanche county line

29 KA 6344-01: Crack sealing on US 50 and US 56 around Dodge City.

283-106 KA 6341-01: Crack sealing on US 283 from Jetmore to Ness City.

190-106 KA 6351-01: Chip Seal on K-190 from US 160 in Grant County to US 56 at Satanta