KDOT Lettings: June 2021

KDOT has announced the projects that will be up for letting on June 16


69-48 KA 5792-01: Guardrail improvements on Metcalf Avenue (US 69) near the I-35/I-635 interchange.

46 N 658-01: Safe Routes to School improvements along Moonlight Road in Gardner

52 C 5058-01: Major collector signage upgrades along County Roads 13 and 14 in northwest Leavenworth County.

18-81 KA 6160-01: Pavement marking on K-18 from K-114 near Ogden to K-113 in Manhattan.

69-105 KA 5148-01: Reconstruction of 7th Street Trafficway from Homer Avenue to Tenny Avenue, including portions of Central Avenue and Simpson Avenue

635-105 KA 5627-01: Replace deck and rails, paint superstructure, add shear studs, replace expansion joints, replace bearings, abutment repairs, guardrail repair and replace approach slabs on two bridges located at the east I-635/K-5 interchange.

635-105 KA 5923-01: Repair the I-635 bridge over the Kansas River.

135-85 KA 5680-01: Bridge repair on various bridges on I-135 in the Salina area
135-85 KA 6064-01: 3-inch Overlay on I-135 in Saline County.

70-26 KA 6011-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at K-255 near Victoria (Exit 168) and on US 183 Bypass at Campus Drive in Hays.

70-32 KA 6012-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at US 40 near Oakley. (Exit 76)

70-91 KA 6013-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at the East junction US 24B near Goodland. (Exit 19)

70-98 KA 6014-01: Lighting upgrade on I-70 at K-147 near Ogallah. (Exit 135)

383-74 KA 2372-03: Reconstruction of K-383 from the Prairie Dog Creek Bridge near MP 111 to US 183. Detour via K-60, US 36, and US 183.

10 C 4976-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Chautauqua County west of K-99.

69-19 KA 5149-01: Reconstruction of US 69 and McKay Street in Frontenac.

25 C 4995-01: Minor collector signage upgrade in Elk County

152-54 KA 5147-01: Adding turn lanes at the Market Street/Industrial Boulevard intersection in La Cynge.

54-8 KA 5799-01: Guardrail installation on US 54 between Rosalia and the Butler/Greenwood county line.

18 C 4972-01: Major collector signage upgrade in southern Cowley County.

50-40 KA 5797-01: Guardrail upgrade on US 50 north of the I-135 junction northeast of Newton.

14-78 KA 5798-01: Guardrail upgrade on K-14/K-96 south of South Hutchinson.

Federal-Aid, Local projects

99 C 5054-01: Reconstruction of a short section of Skyline Drive near Allendorph.

57 C 5046-01: Culvert reconstruction at 290th Street near Elk Road west of Lincolnville

90 C 4997-01: Bridge replacement on a local road over the North Folk Solomon River in Sheridan County.


106 KA 6161-01: RAP sample millings on various locations in KDOT District 3.