You know, I’m beginning to hate politics

Last night, I got into a major argument with someone via chat.

This person has had significant health problems, is unemployed and uninsured, and obviously doesn’t have much financial resources.

And he says that people like me want to see him get sick and die, and that hate minorities and the poor.

To me, those are fighting words. I went into a war of words with this person, and lost badly.

I feel like I’m in the minority at times, but I believe that routine medical visits should be gravitated more towards a “pay as you go” system, with insurance reserved for major issues that cannot normally be accounted for.

I also believe that the medical profession has the obligation to treat their patients without regard to their ability to pay. There should NEVER be an excuse for not seeking treatment.

In Lawrence, in fact, there is a place that specializes in the poor and uninsured. They’re called Health Care Access. They’re on Facebook. And Twitter.

If only there was a way to get my “combatant” in there.






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