A new medical miracle….

EDINBURGH – A team of doctors at the University of Edinburgh have announced a revolutionary procedure that will forever change what it means to be human.

Kaitlin Todd Pond – born at 0311 UTC this morning – was removed from her biological mother’s womb during the fifth week of gestation and successfully placed in the womb of a surrogate mother, Amy Pond of Glasgow.

“Kaitlin’s birth represents a fundamental shift in the perception of a human embryo,” stated Dr. Donald Mallard, the physician who performed the procedure. “If there are more births like Kaitlin’s, the prospect of elective abortions may be almost unheard of within a generation.”

Kaitlin’s biological mother – an 18-year-old woman who asked not to be identified – indicated that her pregnancy was unplanned, and that she was unable to raise a child at this time in her life. Had she not agreed to undergo this experimental procedure, Kaitlin would have likely been aborted. Kaitlin has been adopted by the Pond Family.

Dr. Mallard stresses that this procedure is still experimental, and that potential candidates will be evaluated on a case by case basis. “There are still some issues with the procedure. There must also be a degree of genetic compatibility between the donor and the surrogate. Once we get these issues worked out, within a decade or two, we should be able to make this procedure more widespread.”

More Details can be found at – oh, if you haven’t figured it out by now, this is an April Fool’s Joke. Thanks for reading.