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  • new additions to the model train layout

    Sunday, there was a small train show in Kansas City, and I found a good deal on a pair of Athearn C44-9Ws, one in Santa Fe Warbonnet red and silver, the other Norfolk Southern “dark horse” black. For some reason, these six-axle locomotives tend to pop an axle going into a curve. The problem appears […]

  • New addition to the family.

    My Family got a new addition, and my little cousin Cyrus is offically a big brother. Carl James McCoy was born at 8:44 pm, January 16, 2005, at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.

  • Crazy weather

    On New Year’s eve, it was sunny and hospitiable enough that I took a roadtrip to the BETO Junction/Emporia area. Last Night, we get hit with an ice storm, which also caused power to go out on us for 12 hours (and we’re lucky it only took 12 hours, some houses in southern Kansas are […]

  • Radio changes

    Quite a few changes have been happening at local AM radio station KLWN. Yesterday, they unleashed their new news-talk lineup. One of the things Hank Booth commented on was that “If you don’t like one program, wait a couple hours, you’ll probably enjoy the next one better.” In any case, the linup is anchored by […]

  • What did Santa leave….

    Merry Christmas, Under the christmas tree this year, besides the traditional train that I run (this year, a Life-Like Proto 2000 ATSF GP30 with 7 older Athearn cars and a Atlas RTR cabbose), was a CD changer for my stereo system here in the basement, so I cna enjoy these CD’s I have stashed down […]

  • egged

    The Harvard Road egg squad did their random attack and struck my car. I had to go over to the car wash (in sub-freezing conditions) and get it off. Damage to the paint appears to be minimal. The paint came off in a couple of small spots around where one of the eggs struck on […]

  • Manual Adjustment

    On my way home from Union Station (see yesterday’s blog entry), I jiggled around with the wire running between the swith and the cruise control on the PA. I set the cruise at 65, and lo and behold, the darn thing finally works (and I located the “Cruise” light that turns on with the cruise […]

  • Weekend of trains

    I seem to be blogging once a week… Saturday (12/18), I went with my brother, grandmother, and my cousin Cyrus to see “The Polar Express.” As my cousin Cieara (Cyrus’s mommy) is in her third trimester on her second pregnancy and can’t really stand sitting for extended period of time, we decided to use this […]

  • What they don’t want you to know

    George W. Bush, Sadaam, Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, et al. are all borne out of genetically enhanced embryos. They have a superiority complex and an enhanced thirst for blood. There are more embryos in refrigerated storage under the Hills of Holliday. The project that created these embryos was financed by a group of shape-shifting aliens […]

  • The holy grail

    I would call this the Holy Grail of Roadmaps…. Sunday, I was going through the Kansas Map collection at the TR Smith map library and found what I would call the “holy grail” of Roadmaps…. A 1918 Hockaday roadmap of Kansas. In the days before numbered routed, F.W. Hockaday marked the major trails with direction […]