Radio and Model Rails

I’m currently working on updating the History of KLWN and KLZR to reflect recent changes, as well as the addition of KKYD into the mix.

As for the new locomotives, I found some track defects, but also the presence of a bad wheelset in one of the engines. Once both problems were addressed, the engines ran fine on both loops of my layout.

Crazy weather

On New Year’s eve, it was sunny and hospitiable enough that I took a roadtrip to the BETO Junction/Emporia area.

Last Night, we get hit with an ice storm, which also caused power to go out on us for 12 hours (and we’re lucky it only took 12 hours, some houses in southern Kansas are still dark.

Writeup from the National Weather Service in Topeka

Next week, tempatures will once again become palletable, though not as warm as last week.

Radio changes

Quite a few changes have been happening at local AM radio station KLWN.

Yesterday, they unleashed their new news-talk lineup. One of the things Hank Booth commented on was that “If you don’t like one program, wait a couple hours, you’ll probably enjoy the next one better.” In any case, the linup is anchored by Neil Boortz, Bill O’Reilly, and Ed Schultz. Shultz is leaning more to the left, Boortz appears to be an essentric libertaerian, and I don’t think I have to describe O’Reilly :). 6-9 has been unaffected, and the local sports talk show has been streamlined to 4-6.

I’ll be re-writing the history of KLWN to reflect the changes, but will likely hold it until Febuary 22nd, which is the station’s anniversiary.

Also, Jerry Zimmer, one of the brothers who purchased the station from the Booths several years ago, is in the processes of purchasing station KKYD, licenced to Osage City and purported to serve the Emporia area, though.

Sports stuff

Kansas Finally ends a long drought of a winless streak against Kansas State — which was worthy of a homecoming tear-down of the goalposts. In the overall records, K-State would have had to have a much longer streak to catch up to the number of wins KU has had on them in the past.

Joe Nemechek followed up his pole in the #01 Army Chevy with a sweep of the Busch and Nextel cup races at Kansas Speedway, with the race going into the final laps.. A great photo accompanies the J-W article — may be worth the money to get a print.

It’s an interesting sports weekend

First off, we’ve got a NASCAR race at the Kansas Speedway. Looks like “Front Row” Joe Nemechek will be the pole sitter.

KU will be facing K-State in the Sunflower Showdown Saturday evening. K-State is favored by only four points.

Oklahoma and Texas will face in the Red River Shootout off at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas

in High School Ball… Silver Lake and Rossville will be meeting in the “War on 24.” Interestingly enough, the Silver Lake-Rossville rivalry predates the US highway systen, and Highway 24 didn’t go through those towns for another decade after that.

Free State HS finally won a game against newcomer Olathe Northwest, who is in their second year overall and their first year of Varsity Football.

Lawrence High plays Olathe South tonight at home.

LHS and Free State play each other in two weeks.

White City plays at St. Xavier. No threat of a forefit — Districts are on in 8-man.

More on the football fiasco

The fisco regarding the White City-St. Marys academy football game, where St. Marys refused to play with a female player suited up, has apparantly made the news wires, as well as managing to get my mug in the local Rag. (Story and Afformentioned ugly mug from the Journal-World)

In addition, the Kansas State High School Activities Association has acknowledged the game as a 2-0 forefit in favor of White City. Since St. Marys is not a KSHSAA member, the only furthur action that could be taken would be to have St. Marys dropped from the KSHSAA approved school list, which may be considered next summer.

Girls can’t play football?

A story out of Channel 13 in Topeka deals with the 8-man… excuse me, 8-player football team of White City High School. Their opponent this week, St. Marys Academy, refused to play a team with a female player. As of now, their planned Friday night showdown has been cancelled.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with a female football player and, apparantly, neither does White City. I’m sure that, as a small school, White City would be willing to allow any student that is willing to play on the team. St. Marys academy, on the other hand, gets made to look like the villian.

If it were up to me, I would consider this a forefit, and award a “W” to White City. However, the two schools fall under different jurisitictions. St. Marys is a member of the Kansas Christian Athletic Association, and is not subject to Kansas State High School Activities Association rules allowing for mixed-gender teams. I’m not sure that the KSHSAA would be able to declare this contest a forefit.

As a side note, I made mention of this during open phones on the local sports-talk show, AND somehow got subject to the J-W “On the Street” just as I was finishing up my hamburger and fries at Johnny’s

Begin blogging

This is the obligatory first post in my new blog. I’ll probably post random thoughts, but tonight my mind is drawing blanks….