Radio changes

Quite a few changes have been happening at local AM radio station KLWN.

Yesterday, they unleashed their new news-talk lineup. One of the things Hank Booth commented on was that “If you don’t like one program, wait a couple hours, you’ll probably enjoy the next one better.” In any case, the linup is anchored by Neil Boortz, Bill O’Reilly, and Ed Schultz. Shultz is leaning more to the left, Boortz appears to be an essentric libertaerian, and I don’t think I have to describe O’Reilly :). 6-9 has been unaffected, and the local sports talk show has been streamlined to 4-6.

I’ll be re-writing the history of KLWN to reflect the changes, but will likely hold it until Febuary 22nd, which is the station’s anniversiary.

Also, Jerry Zimmer, one of the brothers who purchased the station from the Booths several years ago, is in the processes of purchasing station KKYD, licenced to Osage City and purported to serve the Emporia area, though.