Debate Results

I must confess, I did not watch the presidential debate last night.

However, I saw Fark link to conflicting opinions as to whether Bush or Kerry won the first debate — and Fark posted both under “Obvious”.

Somehow, I just think that this reflects the polarized nature of this year’s elections. Those that suppoted Bush before still support him now, those that supported Kerry before the debate will still support Kerry, and the “undecided” vote is probably not much of a factor now. Personally, I don’t feel like I need to pay that much attention, as I am very likely to give my vote to the standing president.

I still think they need to do a bat’leth fight instead of a debate. First one to bleed loses.






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  1. Phantom 444 Avatar
    Phantom 444

    Watching Bush in the first debate was like watching the Kansas City Chiefs in a playoff game after a 13-3 regular season. Nonetheless, I still support Bush and I’m still rooting for my 0-3 Chiefs. Bush did capitalize on Kerry’s “global test” remark, but for the first debate, it may have been too little too late.