Trip around the Sun…

I maintain a list of birthdays an Anniversaries, and this week, a couple of my “inner circle” friends had birthdays.

Last Saturday (9/25) was the first Birthday of Rylie Carson. I’ve known her mom, Allison, since about 1993, and have tried to keep in touch with her family since about ’96. Allison was a big supporter of my picture-taking efforts and my use of a website to showcase them. Needless to say, that courtesy has extended into the next generation.

Today (10/1) was the birthday of Debbie Slack. I first met Deb in the Fall of 1998 at a rain soaked football game as a Sophomore, although most of the pics I have of her are from her Senior year. Her mom happened to be the Spirit Squad coach for Free State at the time as well, so I had plenty of opportunities to keep in touch with them. Her older sister was also a co-worker of mine for a while before she decided to change careers.

In any case, I spent my lunch hour getting a card and a gift for each of them, not that that was an imposition of anything 🙂