General Election 2020

I share who I voted for of my own free will. No incentive or consideration has been made to share my voting selections.

I made it out to the polling place for the 2020 general election at about 11:30. I was ballot number 181.

President: I cannot stand Donald Trump. In 2016, I couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, either, and went third-party. (knowing full well that Trump was likely to take Kansas, which he did) I had no qualms about voting for Joe Biden this year. Trump is still likely to take Kansas.

US Senate: Clarance Oveur… I mean, Pat Roberts… is retiring. I went with Republican Roger Marshall over Democrat Barbara Bollier. Had Kris Kobach won the primary, Bollier would have gotten my nod. Although Bollier had the fundraising advantage leading into the General, Marshall will likely carry his home territory in the 1st Congressional district. (The ‘Big First’ has also moved Bob Dole, Roberts, and our other current Senator, Jerry Moran) The Balance will likely be in Shawnee and Sedgwick Counties.

US House, District 2: I voted for Jake LaTurner. Although I think Michelle De La Isla will fare well in Shawnee and Douglas Counties, I doubt that her credentials as the current Mayor of Topeka will fare well in the rural districts.

Kansas House, District 47: I expect the incumbent, Republican Ron Ellis, to easily carry the house district.

Kansas Senate, District 2: Even though she is a Democrat, I told Marci Francisco that I would not vote against her unless I was her opponent. I did not run for the Republican nomination for this seat, and neither did anyone else.

Everything else: The State Board of Education seat, currently held by Democrat Ann Mah, was unopposed, as were all of the county and township races. Five Court of Appeals seats, along with one Supreme Court seat and one District Magistrate seat, were up for uncontested retention.







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