KDOT Lettings: September, 2020

Time for the September lettings, and we’ve got a major project included.

This post has been updated to reflect the approved bidders and the bid amount as announced by KDOT in a release on October 7 and November 5. The approved bids announced on October 7 will be noted in red. The approved bids announced on November 5 will be noted in blue.


46 N 0657-01: Construction of Locust Street from 191st Street to Gardner Road. Eastbound 191st will curve north to Locust, Locust would curve east at 188th Street to intersect with Gardner Road. The purpose of this project is to move the intersection of 191st and Gardner Road away from the I-35/Gardner Road interchange. Pyramid Contractors Inc. and Pyramid Properties Inc., Olathe, Kan., $4,660,811.02

70-81 KA-5919-01/70-99 KA-5920-01: Pavement marking from the Geary/Riley line to Maple Hill. Innovative Marking Systems Inc., Bluffdale, Utah, $2,468,674.20.

99 KA 4744-03: Signage replacement on K-99 from Alma to MP 166.4, K-185, and K-138 (Excluding their respective interchanges with I-70, see project below) Collins & Hermann Inc., Saint Louis, Mo., $52,500.80.

70-106 KA 4744-04: Signage replacement on I-70 from the Geary/Riley county line to the KTA toll plaza in Topeka, including the K-4/US 40 interchange. Collins & Hermann, $3,370,000.00.

106 TE 0402-06: Construction of the Flint Hills Nature Trail from Indian Hills Road to Lewelling Road east of Osage City. Killough Construction Inc., Ottawa, Kan., $1,113,919.93.

36-69 KA-5810-01: Surface recycle and chip seal from the east junction with 383 to the Norton/Phillips County line Dustrol Inc., Towanda, Kan., $911,717.63.

18-84 KA 3931-01: Replacement of the Coon Creek Bridge on K-18 at Luray. Traffic to be carried through the construction using a shoo-fly detour. L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, Kan., $1,439,849.23.

27-91 KA-5809-01: Chip seal from Goodland to the Sherman/Cheyenne county line. Heft and Sons LLC, Greensburg, Kan., $628,267.50.

37 C 4973-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Greenwood County Hamm Contracting LLC, Marion, S.D., $158,248.10

54 TE 0479-01: Sidewalk construction on 10th Street and Ash Street in Pleasanton. RFB Construction Company, Inc., Pittsburg, Kan., $296,099.71.

69-106 KA 1554-02: 4-lane upgradeable expressway from south of E 680 Avenue north of Arma to the Crawford/Bourbon County line. Includes preliminary plans for how KDOT plans to “upgrade” the route to an expressway Bob Bergkamp Construction Co. Inc., Wichita, Kan., $21,624,010.43.

156-5 KA-5811-01: Surface recycle and HMA overlay from US 56 to the Barton/Ellsworth county line. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, Kan., $4,508,111.00.

54-49 KA-5801-01: Milling, HMA overlay, and PCCP patch from the Clark/Kiowa county line to the east city limits of Greensburg. Venture, $2,681,091.85.

76 C 4967-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Pratt County north of US 54 and west of US 281. Mission Construction Co. Inc., St Paul, Kan., $59,648.88.

11-78 KA 3882-01: Replacement of the K-11 bridge over Goose Creek, 6.32 miles north of the Kingman/Reno County line. Traffic to be carried throughout the construction using a shoo-fly detour. King Construction Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Hesston, Kan., $1,460,469.92.

61-78 KA-5889-01: Guardrail improvements on K-61 between Arlington and US 50 J & J Contractors Inc., Iola, Kan., $766,357.41.

80 C 4982-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Rice County west of K-14 and south of K-4. Traffic Control Services Inc., Wichita, Kan., $205,252.81.

4-80 KA-5808-01: Milling and HMA overlay on K-4 in Rice County Venture, $2,935,340.24.

28 TE 0469-01: Reconstruction of 8th Street and installation of new sidewalks between St. John and Walnut Street in Garden City. Bryant & Bryant Construction Inc., Halstead, Kan., $2,041,784.35

Federal-Aid (Local Projects):

75 C 4938-01: Reconstruction of Dyer Road, including re-configuring the access to the main parking lot of the Little Grill and a crosswalk for the overflow parking lot southeast of the Tuttle Creek Dam (2nd attempt to be let) Ebert Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiary, Wamego, Kan., $520,963.63.

105 N 0677-01: Reconstruction of Leavenworth Road (K-5) in KCK from 78th Street to 63rd Street. Amino Brothers Company Inc., Kansas City, Kan., $8,483,967.54

37 C 4957-01: Replacement of this stone arch bridge. The new bridge will be on a new alignment, it is unknown if the current bridge will be left in place or dismantled. B & B Bridge Company LLC, St. Paul, Kan., $646,406.13.

104 C 4947-01: Replacement of this bridge on Deer Road over South Big Creek in northwest Woodson County B & B Bridge Company, $525,462.00.


70-105 KA 5628-01: Replacement of a sign truss on the westbound I-70 ramp to I-635. Fulsom Brothers, Inc., Cedar Vale, Kan., $143,143.00.

181-106 KA-5916-01: Milling and HMA overlay from K-232 to the Mitchell/Osborne County line. APAC-Kansas Inc Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kan., $6,067,762.63.

70-32 KA-5839-01: Rumble strip installation from Grainfield east ~10 miles Surface Preparation Technologies LLC, New Kingstown, Penn., $155,727.20.

92 KA-5918-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 36, K-248, K-204, K-182, K-191, and K-8 in Smith County, along with US 281 from US 36 to the Nebraska state line. Venture, $10,439,835.86.

17 KA-5758-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 160 and K-1 in Commanche County. Venture, $6,196,335.05.

39 KA-5821-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 160 from the Barber/Harper county line to Harper and K-2 from Anthony to US 160. Venture, $4,235,318.49.

235-87 KA 5599-01: Sign truss replacement at the ramp from southbound I-235 ton northbound I-135. The new sign truss is to be installed 75 feet upstream of the old one and the existing signs moved. Fulsom Brothers, $125,179.00.





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