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How I voted – GOP primary

I don’t mind that the state of Kansas can tell me my voting history (for the record, I’ve voted in every August/November statewide election, and have (maybe) only missed one city/school board election) Hell, I’ll even tell you how I voted 😛

US Senator: Pat Roberts. In the duel between “Ya’ ever been to Dodge City, Kansas?” and “I’m a doctor, not a politician,” I’m tipping towards Dodge. My Message to Mr. Wolf: [in Scottish accent]Now you’re a politician.” Furthermore, he’s apparantly not a very popular doctor, either.

US House: Lynn Jenkins. I have no beef with the incumbant.

Governor: Sam Brownback. Obviously, he’s the incumbant going into this race with less than shining publicity. However, I do think Mr. Davis has a weakness that the Brownback campaign has yet to exploit.

Secretary of State Kris Ko….. Actually, I didn’t vote for him last time, either. I voted for Scott Morgon.

Attorney General: Derrick Schmidt ran unopposed.

State Treasurer: Ron Estes. Same Deal

Insurance Commissioner: Beverly Gossage. For 36 out of the past 44 years, the Insurance Commissioner spot has been held by a Republican from Douglas County. Fletcher Bell, Ron Todd, and outgoing commissioner Sandy Praeger all came from Lawrence, with Kathleen Sebelius inturupting the pattern. None of the candidates are from Lawrence, but Gossage is from Eudora.

State House: Ramon Gonzalez. No competition.

County Commissioner: Lynn Luck. Maybe I can run in 4 years.

Sarcoxie Township Clerk: No candidate. Didn’t write one in, either.

Pricient Committeeman and Committewoman: John and Annette Fales

As an aside, indirectly, Fletcher Bell could be credited with propelling Sebelius’s star. Bell received a workman’s comp award after retiring from the Insurance Commission’s office which some considered to be dubious. Since his sucessor, Ron Todd, was also Bell’s longtime deputy, voters took it out on him.

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