US Highway 160

Length: 489.584 miles

West Endpoint: Colorado State Line southwest of Johnson City

East Endpoint: Missouri State Line east of Frontenac

Counties Served:
Stanton, Grant, Haskell, Seward, Meade, Clark, Comanche, Barber, Harper, Sumner, Cowley, Elk, Montgomery, Labette, Cherokee, Crawford.

Historic counties served: Kiowa

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Established in 1930

Junction Guide

KDOT MilepostTotal
160-94/0.0000.000Colorado state line (begin US 160)
160-94/9.2069.206West city limits Manter
160-94/9.7469.746East city limits Manter
160-94/16.81616.816South junction K-27
160-94/17.82317.823North junction K-27
160-94/17.82817.828West city limits Johnson
160-94/18.44218.442East city limits Johnson
30.752Stanton/Grant county line
160-34/8.44739.199West city limits Ulysses
160-34/9.95040.702East city limits Ulysses
160-34/23.12853.880North junction K-190
54.880Grant/Haskell County Line
67.082US 83/K-144 (US 160 joins US 83)
83-41/6.02373.076US 56
79.099Haskell/Seward county line
83-88/28.65080.070South junction K-190
87.093South junction US 83 (US 160 leaves US 83)
99.971Seward/Meade county line
103.786West junction US 54 (US 160 joins US 54)
54-60/16.613116.035West city limits Meade
54-60/17.692117.114State Street
54-60/18.016117.438East city limits Meade
118.008East junction US 54 (US 160 leaves US 54)
130.357Meade/Clark county line
160-13/5.030135.387North junction US 283
160-13/11.611141.968South junction US 283
160-13/22.568152.925West city limits Ashland
160-13/23.929154.286East city limits Ashland
160-13/29.800160.157US 183/K-34 (US 183 joins US 160)
166.152Clark/Comanche county line
160-17/3.235169.387Broadway, Protection
160-17/16.471182.623South city limits Coldwater
160-17/17.184183.3361st Street, Coldwater
160-17/17.670183.822North city limits Coldwater
160-17/17.903184.055East junction US 183
202.020Comanche/Barber county line
160-4/22.400224.420West Junction US 281
160-4/23.027225.047East Junction US 281
160-4/23.175225.195West city limits Medicine Lodge
160-4/23.429225.449Main Street, Medicine Lodge
160-4/23.575225.595East city limits Medicine Lodge
160-4/32.695234.715Missouri Avenue, Sharon
238.756Barber/Harper county line
160-39/6.718245.474West city limits Attica
160-39/7.150245.906Main Street, Attica
160-39/7.575246.331East city limits Attica
160-39/17.589256.345South junction K-2
160-39/20.604259.360K-14; west city limits Harper
160-39/21.716260.472North Junction K-2
160-39/21.767260.523East city limits Harper
272.390Harper/Sumner county line
160-96/2.425274.815West city limits Argonia
160-96/2.677275.067East city limits Argonia
160-96/7.466279.856Old K-205, Milan
160-96/9.448281.838West junction K-49
160-96/12.381284.771East junction K-49
160-96/14.363286.753Old K-271, Mayfield
160-96/21.484293.874West city limits Wellington
160-96/22.125294.515High Street, Wellington
160-96/22.329294.719Poplar Street, Wellington
294.965South junction US 81
81-96/29.838295.567Washington Avenue
295.830North junction US 81 (roundabout)
160-96/24.170296.560East city limits Wellington
160-96/26.450298.840I-35/Kansas Turnpike
160-96/35.356307.746West city limits Oxford
160-96/35.844308.234Sumner Avenue, Oxford
160-96/36.174308.564East city limits Oxford
309.290Sumner/Cowley county line
160-18/7.555316.845West city limits Winfield
160-18/8.826318.116Lowry Street, Winfield
160-18/9.176318.466US 77/K-15 (K-15 joins US 160)
160-18/10.893320.183Harris Road, Winfield
160-18/11.875321.165East city limits Winfield
160-18/21.729331.019East junction K-15 (K-15 leaves US 160)
160-18/27.283336.573West city limits Burden
160-18/27.734337.024East city limits Burden
160-18/32.147341.437West city limits Cambridge
160-18/32.520341.810East Main Street, Cambridge
160-18/32.644341.934East city limits Cambridge
350.493Cowley/Elk county line
160-25/4.296354.789Main Street, Grenola
160-25/12.106362.599West city limits Moline
160-25/13.011363.504East city limits Moline
160-25/13.679364.172West junction K-99
160-25/14.243364.736East junction K-99
160-25/19.245369.738South city limits Elk Falls
160-25/20.070370.563East city limits Elk Falls
160-25/25.779376.272West city limits Longton
160-25/26.783377.276East city limits Longton
385.203Elk/Montgomery County line
160-63/5.138390.341Hickory Street, Elk City
402.130West junction US 160 (US 75 joins US 160)
75-63/21.783403.249West city limits Independence
75-63/22.812404.278Main Street/22nd Street, Independence
75-63/23.178404.644Main Street/17th Street, Independence
405.150Main Street/10th Street (US 75 leaves US 160)
160-63/20.252405.455Main Street, 6th Street, Indepedence
160-63/26.887412.090North junction US 169 (US 160 joins US 169)
160-63/27.890413.093South junction US 169 (US 160 leaves US 169)
417.581Montgomery/Labette county line
160-50/6.202423.783Old K-222, Mound Valley
160-50/12.017429.598West city limits Altamont
160-50/12.441430.022Hudson Avenue, Altamont
160-50/13.013430.594East city limits Altamont
431.612West Junction US 59 (roundabout) (US 59 joins US 160)
59-50/13.334440.329North city limits Oswego
59-50/12.955440.708Vermont St., Oswego
441.470East Junction US 59, 6th/Commercial, Oswego
(US 59 leaves US 160)
443.364Labette/Cherokee county line
160-11/12.983456.347West city limits Columbus
160-11/13.076456.440East city limits Columbus
456.948US 69/K-7
(US 69 leaves K-7 and joins US 160)
69-11/19.402463.969South junction US 400
(US 69/US 160 join US 400)
475.054Cherokee/Crawford county line; K-171
(US 400 leaves US 69/US 160)
69-19/3.026478.080South Junction US 69B Pittsburg
69-19/5.418480.472South city Limits Pittsburg
69-19/5.894480.94812th Street, Pittsburg
69-19/7.680482.734North junction US69B Pittsburg
69-19/7.936482.990Pittsburg/Frontenac city limits
69-19/8.695483.749North city limits Frontenac
69-19/9.690484.744North junction US 69
(US 160 leaves US 69)
69-19/10.432485.486West city limits Frontenac
69-19/10.690485.744Cayuga Street
69-19/10.816485.870East city limits Frontenac
69-19/14.530489.584Missouri State line

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Colorado state line to MP 326036.5%
MP 3 to Manter33030.3%
In Manter55017.3%
Manter to MP 1570013.6%
MP 15 to K-2783510.2%
US 160/K-27 concurrency1,33030.8%
K-27 to MP 222,16024.8%
MP 22 to MP 291,95020.5%
MP 29 to MP 332,08027.4%
MP 33 to MP 382,37032.7%
MP 38 to Ulysses4,30013.6%
West city limits Ulysses to K-256,8209.1%
K-25 to east city limits Ulysses6,0509.9%
Ulysses to MP 432,99017.4%
MP 43 to MP 522,14025.0%
MP 52 to K-1901,66026.5%
K-190 to MP 571,59025.8%
MP 57 to US 83/K-1441,95022.6%
US 83 from US 83/US 160/K-144 jct. to US 564,45023.6%
US 83 from US 56 to US 83 MP 334,26041.7%
US 83 MP 33 to US 83/K-190 junction3,11046.1%
US 83 from US 83/K-190 jct. to S. junction US 1603,64041.9%
South junction US 160 to MP 9564538.0%
MP 95 to MP 9957043.0%
MP 99 to MP 10246055.4%
MP 102 to west junction US 5440073.8%
US 54 from W. jct. US 54/US 160 to US 54 MP 394,70035.4%
US 54 from US 54 MP 39 to Meade4,57036.8%
US 54 from West city limits Meade to K-237,50023.3%
US 54 from K-23 to State Street, Meade7,16023.7%
US 54 from State Street to east city limits Meade6,61026.3%
US 54 from ECL Meade to E. Jct. US 54/US 1605,06037.8%
East junction US 54 to MP 12143038.4%
MP 121 to MP 12531043.5%
MP 125 to north junction US 28323559.6%
US 160/US 283 concurrency1,07038.3%
South junction US 283 to MP 15270527.7%
MP 152 to Ashland77026.6%
In Ashland1,12019.0%
Ashland to US 183/K-3481531.9%
US 183/K-34 to Protection74035.1%
Protection to MP 1711,21021.5%
MP 171 to K-193028.0%
K-1 to Coldwater1,36026.1%
South city limits Coldwater to 1st Street2,11016.6%
1st Street to north city limits Coldwater2,37012.0%
Coldwater to east junction US 1831,45025.1%
East junction US 183 to MP 19051053.9%
MP 190 to MP 20734057.4%
MP 207 to MP 22252536.2%
MP 222 to west junction US 28196028.6%
US 160/US 281 concurrency2,32027.6%
East junction US 281 to Main St., Medicine Lodge3,2508.9%
Main Street to east city limits Medicine Lodge2,20012.7%
Medicine Lodge to MP 2271,96013.5%
MP 227 to Sharon1,32020.1%
Sharon to MP 2411,06019.8%
MP 241 to Attica1,02022.5%
West city limits Attica to Main Street1,28021.5%
Main Street to east city limits Attica1,67016.8%
Attica to south junction K-21,29017.3%
South junction US 160/K-2 to K-143,84012.1%
K-14 to east junction K-24,98012.6%
East junction K-2 to east city limits Harper2,02015.8%
Harper to MP 2631,54017.9%
MP 263 to MP 2691,19024.8%
MP 269 to Argonia97027.3%
Argonia to Milan1,31020.6%
Milan to west junction K-491,13025.2%
US 160/K-49 concurrency1,78022.2%
East junction K-49 to Mayfield2,07019.3%
Mayfield to Wellington3,08012.0%
West city limits Wellington to High Street3,80031.7%
High Street to Poplar Street, Wellington7,3304.8%
Poplar Street, Wellington to south junction US 817,6305.0%
US 81 from S. jct. US 81/US 160 to Washington Ave.7,76011.5%
US 81 from Washington Avenue to
north junction US 81/US 160
North junction US 81 to east city limits Wellington10,3005.0%
Wellington to I-35/Kansas Turnpike6,1608.3%
I-35/Kansas Turnpike to MP 3023,81013.5%
MP 302 to Oxford3,49016.5%
West city limits Oxford to Sumner Avenue4,26017.2%
Sumner Avenue to east city limits Oxford4,45017.0%
Oxford to MP 3123,46017.5%
MP 312 to MP 3144,42014.1%
MP 314 to Winfield4,57015.5%
West city limits Winfield to Lowry Street4,89014.3%
Lowry Street to US 77, Winfield6,21010.5%
US 77 to Harris Road9,3103.2%
Harris Road to K-3603,8407.6%
K-360 to ECL Winfield3,3807.2%
Winfield to MP 3252,9107.9%
MP 325 to east junction K-151,88012.0%
East junction K-15 to MP 3361,07015.0%
MP 336 to Burden1,4109.6%
In Burden1,35013.7%
Burden to Cambridge72516.6%
West city limits Cambridge to East Main Street69027.5%
East Main Street to east city limits Cambridge56532.7%
Cambridge to Grenola45018.9%
Grenola to MP 3605959.2%
MP 360 to Moline62516.0%
In Moline9058.8%
Moline to west junction K-999458.5%
US 160/K-99 concurrency1,51018.9%
East junction K-99 to Elk Falls97511.8%
In Elk Falls63515.0%
Elk Falls to Longton48523.7%
In Longton54520.2%
Longton to MP 38862018.5%
MP 388 to Elk City76015.1%
Elk City to MP 39283013.9%
MP 392 to MP 4001,2309.8%
MP 400 to west junction US 751,42013.0%
US 75 from W. jct. US 75/US 160 to Independence4,99012.3%
Main Street from WCL Independence to 22nd8,4507.2%
Main Street from 22nd Street to 17th Street9,2106.6%
Main Street from 17th Street to 10th Street10,1006.0%
Main Street from 10th Street to 6th Street6,39011.3%
Main Street from 6th Street to ECL Independence6,49011.0%
Independence to MP 4075,24011.7%
MP 407 to MP 4084,70012.4%
MP 408 to north junction US 1694,45010.3%
US 160/US 169 concurrency5,25032.8%
South junction US 169 to MP 4171,01022.8%
MP 417 to Mound Valley1,06022.2%
Mound Valley to K-1011,38019.9%
K-101 to Altamont1,9405.2%
West city limits Altamont to Hudson Avenue3,3808.3%
Hudson Avenue to east city limits Altamont3,6103.3%
Altamont to west junction US 592,9004.1%
US 59 from W. Jct. US 59/US 160 to US 59 MP 193,4209.8%
US 59 from US 59 MP 19 to Oswego3,6309.0%
US 59 from WCL Oswego to E. Jct. US 59/US 1604,2907.7%
East junction US 59 to east city limits Oswego3,92010.1%
Oswego to MP 4482,23017.0%
MP 448 to MP 4522,71012.5%
MP 452 to Columbus3,09012.3%
Columbus to US 69/K-75,0209.4%
US 69 from US 160/K-7 to US 400/US 69A4,60010.2%
US 69 from US 400/US 69A to US 69 MP 237,29015.4%
US 69 from US 69 MP 23 to K-1037,33013.5%
US 69 from K-103 to US 400/K-1717,62012.8%
US 69 from US 400/K-171 to
S. Jct. US 69B Pittsburg
US 69 from S. jct. US 69B Pittsburg to K-12611,20010.4%
US 69 from K-126 to 12th Street, Pittsburg11,3009.9%
US 69 from 12th Street to N jct. US 69B, Pittsburg10,20010.9%
US 69 from north junction US 69B Pittsburg to
Pittsburg/Frontenac city limits
US 69 In Frontenac15,0008.4%
US 69 from Frontenac to N. jct. US 69/US 16013,5009.4%
North junction US 69 to Cayuga Street3,50011.9%
Cayuga Street to MP 4873,19012.1%
MP 487 to Missouri line2,62015.8%