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Lawrence Depot Antics

I’m sure there’s been more than a fair share of antics about railfans being scrutinized for, well, being railfans. This weekend, I bring to you a couple of stories

First off, on Saturday, there was a young person with 2 suitcases, a backpack, and several smaller bags (including a sewing machine). There is no checked baggage at Lawrence, and the carry-on limits is two bags (though Amtrak does not count purses or laptop bags against the carry on limit. I indicated that he will need to speak with the conductor; however, it was not likely that they would be able to accommodate him. He thought he could pay an additional fee. In fact, the conductor, Joann, did refuse to board him, advising that he should go to Kansas City (which *does* have checked baggage)

This afternoon, I returned to fix some lights that I had noticed were burned out. When I got there, there was someone else already there. He presented his ticket – he had been kicked off #3 last night and either came back in the station through a door that was inadvertently unlocked. After consulting with Carey Manard-Moody (the Depot Redux chair, who greets #4 on Sundays), I advised him that he would need to come back at 11. Fortunately, he left on his own volition.

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