New SLT stuff

Two new articles have been published on the front of the local section regarding the South Lawrence Trafficway

Quality of new, restored wetlands center of debate — questioning of if any mitigated wetlands will be good enough

KDOT could file lawsuit over trafficway — KDOT is prepared to call the “wetland supporters” on wheather they have enough evidence to prove that the EIS is fatally flawed.

I’ve been considering writing up an opinion colum for some time. I may consider implementing it soon.

I believe that a south of the river “avoidance” route, which the “wetland supporters” are claiming would be good for the wetlands, would acutally be worse for the wetlands than the preferred 32nd Street route, meaning that it’s not a true avoidance route.







4 responses to “New SLT stuff”

  1. Sean Avatar

    The SLT is a waste of resources, plain and simple. This is considering the fact that we are nearing the peak of worldwide oil production, and we ought to be using our soon-to-be-dwindling resources on mass transit and reorganizing the way we live.

  2. Scott Avatar

    The SLT is total bullshit. It is only being built so they can put in another god damn Wal-Mart and ruin Lawrence. Protest SLT!

  3. route56 Avatar

    Last I checked, there was a Wal-Mart in that part of town already.

    The Opinion Colum that I “considered” is almost ready for submission.

  4. Sean Avatar

    Screw Wal-Mart. The question NO ONE even asks in this silly debate centers around whether we should be pissing away our resources on this stupid highway, when it could be used to start revamping our passenger rail service. The recent spikes in gas prices are just the tip of the iceberg. Peak Oil is upon us, and biodiesel, hydrogen, ethanol, etc are all net energy losers. The 2nd law of thermodynamics never rests. Twenty years from now, people will be asking why we blew so much money on something so completely useless.