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  • Snow Trains

    Snow Trains

    ‘Twas the Monday before Christmas and activity on the Union Pacific was blowing through the snow-covered landscape. There’s also a late Amtrak 4.

  • Union Pacific 844

    Union Pacific 844

    My video of Union Pacific 844 at The Lawrence depot on a rainy Saturday, October 13.

  • November already?

    November already?

    For being without a day job, it seems I’ve been rather busy…. October brought a pair of “Special” Amtrak trains, and a new interchange on K-7 in Johnson County.

  • 8 Trains in one hour

    Saturday morning, I woke up early to open the Lawrence Depot and Greet the eastbound Southwest Chief, as I have occasionally done as a volunteer. It was the first time since the new signs were installed and turned on that I had done so. After the train left and the lights were turned off, I…

  • The Rest of February

    The Rest of February

    After the last week in January/First week in February, I was mostly working my day job and on the local Train show, so I didn’t go out that much. I did, however, get a whole lot of photos at the train show. Photos from that can be found here (as there are too many pictures…

  • January 5, 2002

    January 5, 2002

    I have (slowly) been working on uploading my pictures from the archives… I’m now up to January 2002. This set of spirit squad photos was taken January 5th, at the first KU Women’s game of the (calendar) year.

  • Topeka Sub Weekend

    Topeka Sub Weekend

    During the weekend, while over at the Shop (better known as Kennedy Glass) the BNSF sent some trains my way.

  • Free State Class of 2000 reunion

    Last weekend was the Free State High School class of 2000 reunion. Since I was a friend to quite a few in the class, I was welcomed to “crash” the party. EDIT 6/27/19: After originally self-posting the photo set, I have since moved the photos to Flickr. Lawrence Free State Class of 2000 10-year reunion…

  • Video: Depot Redux Prize Drawing

    I’m starting at the end of Saturday’s Depot Redux train day presentation with Hank Booth M.C.’ing the drawings. The prizes were: a massage, 3 bottles of wine, a set of luggage, and two round-trip first class train tickets to Chicago.

  • Turnpike Bridge is coming down

    The KTA has issued a press release. Because of the way the KTA’s site is designed, I shall quote it verbatim. Additional information is now available on the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s upcoming demolition of the original bridge structures across the Kansas River in Lawrence. The steel structures that once carried I-70 traffic across the river…