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    Saw a train… just not the one I expected

    This morning, I checked the Amtrak status map and noticed that the Southwest Chief was running quite late and would be in Topeka around 8:40. Based on that, I decided to try and catch the train before I went in to work (I currently work in Topeka) I made it to a good spot along…

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    October 1995, Part 2

    Photos from the 20-31 October, 1995.

  • September 1995, Part 2

    September 1995, Part 2

    More photos from September of 1995

  • September 1995, part 1

    September 1995, part 1

    OK, in scanning my negatives, Started in June, went through to August, then switched and started from the top in January.  I guess that means I resume in September, right?

  • Amtrak Heritage Sweep

    Amtrak Heritage Sweep

    In 2011, Amtrak painted a group of locomotives in special 40th Anniversary paint schemes resembling the different paint schemes on its locomotives. As a Depot Redux volunteer, I usually greet the Amtrak train on Saturday mornings. I’ve kept a lookout for the heritage units as well. Within a year’s time, I had seen every one…

  • Officers’ special

    Officers’ special

    Today, Amtrak had an officers’ special to bring awareness of the Southwest Chief (and the possibility of it being forced to re-route if funding to upgrade and maintain the line between Newton and Albuquerque cannot be found)

  • The Rest of February

    The Rest of February

    After the last week in January/First week in February, I was mostly working my day job and on the local Train show, so I didn’t go out that much. I did, however, get a whole lot of photos at the train show. Photos from that can be found here (as there are too many pictures…

  • The adventure continues

    The adventure continues

    Here are more trackside and roadside photos from the past week.