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Saw a train… just not the one I expected

This morning, I checked the Amtrak status map and noticed that the Southwest Chief was running quite late and would be in Topeka around 8:40.

Based on that, I decided to try and catch the train before I went in to work (I currently work in Topeka)

I made it to a good spot along the Shunga Trail and waited. At 8:35, I noticed that the ETA was now getting closer to 8:50. I gave my coworkers a heads up to say I’d be a few minutes late (ETA no later than 9:15)

At 8:53, a train arrived


OK, a freight engine will sometimes lead an Amtrak train if one of their engines breaks down. After seeing a second freight engine, I knew this wasn’t the train I was looking for. What I got was an eastbound grain train running ahead of the Amtrak.

Lead engine BNSF 4435 (67474)
BNSF 6940 (67475)

It did have some grain cars that piqued my interest enough to grab pictures.

Mid-90s Santa Fe grain car (67476)
BNSF 7602 on the rear (67480)
With the Kansas Statehouse dome in the background, just to verify that this is Topeka (67481)

When the back end of the train passed, it was 8:58 – I wasn’t going to wait any longer for Amtrak and I proceeded to head to work.

All pictures were taken June 10, 2022.

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