KDOT Lettings: April 2022

There are 21 projects scheduled to be bid on April 20. Approved Bids Announced on May 2 are highlighted in red. Approved Bids Announced on May 31 are highlighted in blue.

Federal-Aid (unless otherwise noted):

59-3 KA 5999-01: Guardrail upgrades at eight locations beginning at 0.028 miles south of 222nd Street north to 0.011 miles north of Ottawa Road in Atchison County. J & J Contractors Inc., Iola, $1,651,471.67

35-46 KA 6502-01: Pavement Marking from the Miami/Johnson County line to Lone Elm Road in Olathe. K & G Striping Inc., DBA Twin Traffic & Traffic Zone Services, Riverside, Missouri, $411,574.95

77-58 KA 3924-01: Replacement of the Deer Creek Bridge (019) located 8.88 miles north of the west US-77/US-36 junction west of Oketo. Detour via US 36, K-99/NE 99, and NE 8

105 N 0710-01: Safe Routes to School Phase G for Caruthers Elementary and Northwest Middle School in KCK. Julius Kaaz Construction Co. Inc., Leavenworth, $977,792.50

15-14 KA 6129-01: Repair the bridge over the Republican River south of Clay Center. Wildcat Construction Co Inc & Subsidiaries, Wichita, $1,552,225.05.

70-31 KA 6083-01: Redeck the McDowell Creek Road bridge over I-70 in Geary County. Detour via I-70, turning around at Exit 303 (K-18) or Exit 313 (K-177) King Construction Company Inc & Subsidiaries, Hesston, $1,196,034.80.

62 U 2330-03: Safe Routes to School project along 8th Street in Beloit. APAC-Kansas Inc., Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kansas, $685,499.50.

36-74 KA 5433-01: Full-depth reconstruction of State Street in Phillipsburg from 5th Street to 8th Street. Vogts-Parga Construction LLC, Newton, $2,637,337.47.

181-92 KA 6421-01/181-71 KA 6420-01: 1-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on K-181 from US 24 to US 36/US 281 in Osborne and Smith Counties (Osborne County Segment is Non-FA) Venture Corporation, Great Bend, Kansas, $3,971,947.19.

35-30 KA 6367-01/35-61 KA 6366-01: 1-inch RCI and 3-inch HMA overlay on I-35 from the Wolf Creek bridge northeast of Ottawa to the Miami/Johnson County Line. Bettis Asphalt & Construction
Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $15,594,767.31.

8 N 0714-01: Widening of Andover Road from Redbud Trail to Ira Court in Andover, including a new traffic signal at Allison Street. Wildcat, $4,527,664.92

61-78 KA 6135-01: Repair the bridges over the BNSF Railway in Hutchinson. Wildcat, $1,765,950.35.

183-83 KA 5921-01: Reconstruction of the intersection of 12th and Main Streets in La Crosse. Morgan Brothers Construction, Inc., Lacrosse, Kansas, $483,909.50.


75-89 KA 6469-01: Installation of an ITS conduit at the NW 35th Street interchange north of Topeka. J Warren Company Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $45,511.00

106 KA 5705-01: Expansion of the KC SCOUT ITS system. Gerstner Electric Inc., Fenton, Missouri, $5,294,935.00

36-69 KA 5419-01: Reconstruction of East Holme Street in Norton. Eastbound traffic Detoured via State Avenue and Main Street.

106 KA 6528-01: RAP Sample milling at various locations in KDOT District 3. McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton,
Colorado, $22,038.00

4 KA 6548-01: Mudjacking of the approaches to the US 160 bridges over Bear Creek and Bitter Creek, and the K-2 bridge over the Medicine Lodge River.

87 KA 6546-01: Mudjacking of the approaches of 23 bridges in Sedgwick County.





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