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  • Nothing like little ones

    I’m too old to go trick-or-treating, but I do go with my cousin Ciera and her little boy, Cyrus around our neigborhood. I also have driven the out to the houses of some of my friend. Tonight, I paid a visit to the Lafond household, and my friend and classmate Allison and her little Rylie. […]

  • Happy Halloween

    I’ll start by stating the obvious, since it’s the 31st of October 🙂 Also, as many of you can see, I’ve tweaked my WordPress blog script to use the same green, white, and yellow style I’ve used for the site.

  • Trip around the Sun…

    I maintain a list of birthdays an Anniversaries, and this week, a couple of my “inner circle” friends had birthdays. Last Saturday (9/25) was the first Birthday of Rylie Carson. I’ve known her mom, Allison, since about 1993, and have tried to keep in touch with her family since about ’96. Allison was a big […]