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New radio in the PA

Last friday, I purchaed a new Car Stereo for the Park Avenue

Today, I had it installed.

I had a little bit of time to listen to the new stereo (both the radio and CD). It sounds good.

Now, I just neet to find a place for the old unit…


Birthday for a old friend

My friend Allison Carson had her birthday yesterday. Amonst the friends I made during my years of spirit squad photography, she was one of the closest.


New addition to the family.

My Family got a new addition, and my little cousin Cyrus is offically a big brother.

Carl James McCoy was born at 8:44 pm, January 16, 2005, at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.


What did Santa leave….

Merry Christmas,

Under the christmas tree this year, besides the traditional train that I run (this year, a Life-Like Proto 2000 ATSF GP30 with 7 older Athearn cars and a Atlas RTR cabbose), was a CD changer for my stereo system here in the basement, so I cna enjoy these CD’s I have stashed down here while working on the computer…. I also got gift cards for Hastings and Target (which will likely go towards CDs and picture frames, respectively), plus some cold hard cash (to be deposited in my checking account to be used against a future purpouse)

For my young cousin Cyrus, I got him a couple books Downtown: one with trains, the other with fire trucks. For Cyrus, I’m preety much associated with “choo choos”

For Rylie, I got her a Corduroy book, a raggedy ann doll, and a little picture frame shaped like a pink handbag (the latter may be more for her mom….)

I drew my uncle Jim in the gift exchange drawing: he’s easy to shop for, as he’s a NY Jets fan. I got him a “throwback” hat and a winter cap.

My brother has the weirdest taste in Music, I got him a gift card from Hastings, not knowing my dad did the same…. 🙂

My mom got soap and shower gel from the Crabtree & Eveyln collection.

My dad got a set of golf gloves.

I almost don’t want to look at the totals for the gifts I bought, but they came to about $150 over two paychecks, plus my other expeses for the week. No leaving Lawrence, and NO shopping at Wal*Mart.

Personal railroad

Weekend of trains

I seem to be blogging once a week…

Saturday (12/18), I went with my brother, grandmother, and my cousin Cyrus to see “The Polar Express.”

As my cousin Cieara (Cyrus’s mommy) is in her third trimester on her second pregnancy and can’t really stand sitting for extended period of time, we decided to use this opportunity to give her some time to do other things.

Cyrus was a good boy during the movie, and he seemed to enjoyed it, though he had significant trouble sitting in the theatre seats (and therefore, sat in my lap for significant parts of the movie)

Today, (12/19) I went to Union Station to see and photgraph the KCS Holiday Express. Union Station has also brought in (because of the “Polar Express” movie) quite a few model railroads, including a large one on display in the main hall. There were other layouts operated by assorted model railroad clubs, including on by a N-scale club which invitied me in to take pictures.


I’ve got to change that about me page

Besides the fact that I’ve changed the formatting, the “about me” page is out of date. I finished my KU classes 3 years ago.

For the last three years, I’ve been attached to the Golf Course Superindendants Association of America as an intern in the Information Technology department. In reality, I’ve assisted in keeping track of computer hardware and software, installing computer and telephone hardware, planned strategy for rewireing the building, and most recently worked with SBC in cutting over our telephone system and. I’ve also been responsible for keeping the backups in line.

As of November 1, and having been officially notified this week by our HR deparment, I’m finally shed of the “intern” status and have officially become titled “IT Coordinator.” Basically, they gave me a slight raise to compensate for a reduced-hours request (drop from 30 hours to 25) and start accumulating sick and vacation hours, and I should be able to get similar credit for the Holidays….


Time to get out of Politics

Today Was Alyssa Hill’s birthday. Now, if I could just find where to send her a card or e-card….


Nothing like little ones

I’m too old to go trick-or-treating, but I do go with my cousin Ciera and her little boy, Cyrus around our neigborhood. I also have driven the out to the houses of some of my friend. Tonight, I paid a visit to the Lafond household, and my friend and classmate Allison and her little Rylie. I got a pic of the three of them….. I hope it’s a good shot. The younger Rylie (13 months, versus 3 years for Cyrus), unfortunately, was done with trick-or-treating for the night.


Happy Halloween

I’ll start by stating the obvious, since it’s the 31st of October 🙂

Also, as many of you can see, I’ve tweaked my WordPress blog script to use the same green, white, and yellow style I’ve used for the site.


Trip around the Sun…

I maintain a list of birthdays an Anniversaries, and this week, a couple of my “inner circle” friends had birthdays.

Last Saturday (9/25) was the first Birthday of Rylie Carson. I’ve known her mom, Allison, since about 1993, and have tried to keep in touch with her family since about ’96. Allison was a big supporter of my picture-taking efforts and my use of a website to showcase them. Needless to say, that courtesy has extended into the next generation.

Today (10/1) was the birthday of Debbie Slack. I first met Deb in the Fall of 1998 at a rain soaked football game as a Sophomore, although most of the pics I have of her are from her Senior year. Her mom happened to be the Spirit Squad coach for Free State at the time as well, so I had plenty of opportunities to keep in touch with them. Her older sister was also a co-worker of mine for a while before she decided to change careers.

In any case, I spent my lunch hour getting a card and a gift for each of them, not that that was an imposition of anything 🙂