Where do I begin…

A whole lot of changes since last I wrote:

First off, on June 29th, my camera suffered from an accident where it was knocked off of a table and took a blunt force trauma to the body, resulting in a catastrophic failure. (It quit working). I took it to Wolfe’s for repair, with a note to inform me if the cost of repair goes over $200. Meanwhile, I have been using my mom’s Powershot A570.

My friends have started a rec-league softball team called the “Bad news Beers” (In case you haven’t noticed 🙂 ). I’ve posted the pictures from the last two games at this site and on Facebook.
The June 29th gallery (including some of the last pictures taken with my Digital Rebel) are posted at The railroad pictures are also posted on and the game pictures on Facebook.

Last week, I made a trip down to Wichita on a cabling job. It didn’t pan out, the field manager sent me home with an indication that I was a bit too white collar for him; However, I did get a free road trip, and a possible lead on a job that is more up my alley. I got a few shots of construction along Kellogg Avenue in Wichita, as well as the Canal that gives I-135 through Wichita its nickname. Also, my cousin Cyrus had a birthday party, and the beers had another game. This gallery is posted at, and the party and softball photos have been placed on Facebook.

Tonight, I made a executive decision. Whether of not my broken camera is worth repairing, I decided to upgrade to the new Canon Rebel XSi. I elected to purchase it a Best Buy over Wolfes mainly because Best Buy offers optional Accident Coverage (i.e., for something like a dropped camera) while Wolfe’s does not. If the XT is repaired, I have a Backup camera that my brother could use if he wanted to. I took some pictures with the new camera of East 7th in Lawrence, which is about to get a new surface. They just milled the pavement off, revealing pieces of brick as well as the old streetcar tracks. Those will be posted soon.

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New Pictures

Some shots of the kids (Cyrus and Carl) and of the high iron at Edgerton