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The adventure continues

Here are more trackside and roadside photos from the past week.


So Far in January..

Here’s what I have taken so Far in January…

2 January 2011: Late 4 at Lawrence

5 January 2011: Going to the dogs

9-10 January 2011: A LOT of snow:

11 January 2011: Icicles and UP Snow action


January 5, 2002

I have (slowly) been working on uploading my pictures from the archives… I’m now up to January 2002. This set of spirit squad photos was taken January 5th, at the first KU Women’s game of the (calendar) year.

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A very late Amtrak

Bad news for Amtrak travelers on the Southwest Chief means good news for railfans like me. Due to an incident that sidelines the initial locomotive consist, the train had to be towed back to Chicago, where they started it again, 12 hours late. Therefore, instead of going through Kansas overnight, the train would go through during midday. I also have a couple of photos of the new dog and a new interchange under construction on K-7 at Johnson Drive.

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2010 and 2002

Two seperate photo batches here. First, the latest photos – The Kennedy Compound had a little accident in the laundry room which caused water to flow down to the basement, I took Depot Caretaker duty on Saturday’s Amtrak 4, and the Midland Railway ran their Labor Day run… oh yeah, some changes involving the new US 59.


And this batch of photos from December of 2002:


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Topeka Sub Weekend

During the weekend, while over at the Shop (better known as Kennedy Glass) the BNSF sent some trains my way.


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Kansas City Road Meet

Here are the photos from last Saturday’s Kansas City road meet.

39840 39841 39842 39846 39847 39848 39849 39850 39851 39854 39858 39859 39860 39868 39872 39881 39886 39888 39889 39890 39891 39892

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Signs of Change

The new signs for US 24 and US 40 are now beginning to make their
appearance on I-70. I manged to get a few shots of the old signs in place
alongside their new counterpoints, PLUS the new END! of US 73 at the
Bonner Springs.


Also:some shots of the new Lone Elm Road bridges, as well as new railroad
bridges and Clearview in Olathe


And, on a personal note, my cousins Carl, Sam, Bethany, and Cyrus:

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Christmas Week 2008

I’ve added a new set of photos from this past week, including trains on christmas eve, my little cousins, and meeting up with friends at a local watering hole.

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November 2008 Roadtrip

I took a roadtrip to check on the progress of the new US 69 freeway under
construction in Linn County. Nothing special, I took 69 down to the north
end of the existing southern freeway, then turned east on the back roads to
US 71, returning home via 71. On the way to 71, I found an old truss

In addition, I have updated the US 69 and US 71 exit guides to reflect what
is signed on the road and what is being built.