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  • Signs of Change

    Signs of Change

    The new signs for US 24 and US 40 are now beginning to make theirappearance on I-70. I managed to get a few shots of the old signs in placealongside their new counterpoints, PLUS the new END! of US 73 at theBonner Springs exit on the Kansas Turnpike. Also: some shots of the new Lone […]

  • Christmas Week 2008

    I’ve added a new set of photos from this past week, including trains on christmas eve, my little cousins, and meeting up with friends at a local watering hole.

  • November 2008 Roadtrip

    I took a roadtrip to check on the progress of the new US 69 freeway under construction in Linn County. Nothing special, I took 69 down to the north end of the existing southern freeway, then turned east on the back roads to US 71, returning home via 71. On the way to 71, I […]

  • 1st Half November 2008

    Photos from the rails; featuring a couple of trains led by NS power, as well as the Model Railroad layouts of the Old Depot Museum in Ottawa and of Mike Tomei in Lawrence

  • Where do I begin…

    A whole lot of changes since last I wrote: First off, on June 29th, my camera suffered from an accident where it was knocked off of a table and took a blunt force trauma to the body, resulting in a catastrophic failure. (It quit working). I took it to Wolfe’s for repair, with a note […]

  • New Pictures

    Some shots of the kids (Cyrus and Carl) and of the high iron at Edgerton