Category: local politics

  • Forfeiture (presumably) denied

    The Kansas Court of Appeals and Supreme Court typically releases new decisions every Friday morning. This week, we had an asset forfeiture case come before the appeals case.

  • Parental Advisory: Case Law

    This week, the Kansas court of appeals released This opinion in the case of State v. Guein. In the majority opinion, Justice Steve Leben inserted a message of caution before getting into the legal terminology:

  • Voting ab initio

    As a left-handed right-winger, I mostly toe the GOP line. That does not mean I blindly vote the straight ticket. For President: I could not vote for Hillary Clinton. I could not vote for Donald Trump. Even though he’s far from perfect, I went with Gary Johnson and will leave it at that. Besides, it’s […]

  • How I voted – 2014 General Election

    People who know me fairly well know I lean conservative on many issues. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I pretty much voted a straight GOP ticket…. with one exception.

  • How I voted – GOP primary

    I don’t mind that the state of Kansas can tell me my voting history (for the record, I’ve voted in every August/November statewide election, and have (maybe) only missed one city/school board election) Hell, I’ll even tell you how I voted 😛

  • It’s finally over…. until we do it again in 2012

    Today is election day, and that means all of the political ads stop… at least until we do it again in 2 years. Here’s who I picked: In general, my family owns a glass business and, as such, tend to take more of a pro-business conservative standpoint. Democrats, particularly those in Washington, are seen as […]

  • I approved this message…

    Today was primary day in Kansas. Here’s who I voted for in the Republican Primary US Senator: Jerry Moran Basically, the two leading candidates are fairly close policy-wise. What sealed the deal for me to break for Moran was the way Mike Shanin and Scott Parks of KMBZ felt of the way the candidates handled […]

  • On the Kansas Highways front

    On Memorial Day, I took a road trip to explore a couple of roundabouts, as well as parts of the new US 69 freeway in Linn County. As a Consequence of my raodtrip, I’ve also updated the US 69 exit guide to reflect the actual signage out in the field (I wasn’t *that* far off […]

  • Politics and spirit… a reminder of events 10 years ago

    A recent set of comments on a spirit squad related email list reminded me of events that happened 10 years ago this month that brought controversy to the KU spirit squad. In December of 1998, the KU Athletics department decreed that the spirit squads would not be allowed to participate in Nationals. However, the Dance […]

  • Sarcoxie Township is definitely GOP territory

    Once again, I present my not-so-surprising voting decision. POTUS: McCain. In a previous post, I noted that the a presidential picking website generally favored McCain as my pick. If there’s any other reason for me to choose McCain over Obama, it is this: The National Federation of Independent Business gave Senator McCain a rating of […]