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  • New address… New Polling Place

    With the move to a new house, and a new county, there’s a new polling place. The polling place for Sarcoxie Township is at an old one-room schoolhouse just north of Lawrence. They also use a optical scanning method pretty much the same as the one in Douglas County. For the Republican Primary, there were […]

  • The future of elections….

    Over at the fairgrounds this afternoon, the county brought in vendors to demonstrate their voting systems. One Vendor used a exclusive touch screen system, the others featured touch screen and optical ballot options. One even had the ability to transfer from a touch screen to a optical ballot. Being in the IT realm, I know […]

  • New SLT stuff

    Two new articles have been published on the front of the local section regarding the South Lawrence Trafficway Quality of new, restored wetlands center of debate — questioning of if any mitigated wetlands will be good enough KDOT could file lawsuit over trafficway — KDOT is prepared to call the “wetland supporters” on wheather they […]

  • How I voted

    Here’s how I voted. Like I inferred earlier, I went with a straight GOP ticket. POTUS — Bush/Cheney John Kerry is a Massachusetts Liberal — in most years, he wouldn’t even be considered electable. He’ll pull Douglas County, though. I don’t believe there is a conciveable way Bush could have prevented the country from going […]

  • More SLT ramblings

    Local Resident Richard Heckler had a Letter to the Editor in today’s J-W about the South Lawrence Trafficway. He also posted it to Larryville. Some of his opening paragraphs were cut, focusing on the issue of a Traffic Light that is along the existing stretch. A recent fatality accident and the proximity to the local […]

  • SLT Musings

    The local paper has done a story about the status of the South Lawrence Trafficway highway project — which, as the local highway guru, I have a perticular interest, and have been observing since about 1990. As it stands, the earliest the SLT could be completed is 2012, based upon the idea the legislature would […]