KDOT lettings: October 2020

There are quite a few projects up for bids at the KDOT October letting, including a couple of reconstruction projects, plenty of overlays, and quite a few county bridge projects.


99-99 KA 2603-04: Reconstruction and re-alignment of K-99 from I-70 north to K-18.

105 N 0686-01: Bike route marking along Strong Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue in KCK. Combination of “Shared Lane” and dedicated bike lane.

81-15 KA-5834-01: Milling and HMA overlay from the Ottawa/Cloud county line to Eagle Road

81-15 KA-5993-01: Pavement marking from the North city limits of Concordia to Union Road

27 TE 0474-01: Stormwater improvements near the K-14/K-140 junction in Ellsworth.

14-45 KA-5824-01: 2-inch surface recycling and chip seal from US 36 to the Nebraska state line.

36-45 KA-5827-01: 2-inch surface recycling and chip seal from 260 Road to the Jewell/Republic county line.

62 U 2330-02: Safe Routes to School project in Beloit

56-64 KA 3941-01: Replacement of Bridge #031 (Rock Creek) on US-56 in Morris County, located 7.05 miles east of the east K-177 junction just west of the Morris/Lyon county line.

41-72 KA-5828-01: 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-41 (entire route)
106-72 KA-5835-01: Milling and HMA overlay from K-18 to Minneapolis

183-82 KA-5841-01: Milling and HMA overlay from R Road to the south city limits of Stockton Federal ACNHP-A584(101)

24-97 KA-5825-01: Milling and HMA overlay from I-70 to the west city limits of Colby
184-97 KA-5842-01: Milling and HMA overlay of the entire K-184 spur.

61 U 2362-01: Reconstruction of the Baptiste Drive/Hedge Lane intersection in Paola.

169-106 KA 3255-01: Reconstruction of US 169 from 140th Road in Neosho County south of Chanute to 1150 Road in Allen County. Detour via K-39, US 75, and either K-47 or US 54.

106 KA 4748-03: Signage upgrade on the entire length of US 50 in Reno County, along with K-61 from K-11 to the Reno/McPherson county line.

54-87 KA-5830-01: PCCP patching and pavement marking from 1/2 mile east of 295th Street to 119th Street in western Sedgwick County.

54-87 KA-5831-01: Milling and HMA overlay from 215th to 183rd Streets in Western Sedgwick County, as well as near the Dugan Road interchange in Wichita. Federal ACNHP-A583(101)

93 C 4993-01: Major collector Signing & pavement marking in Stafford County.

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

59 C 4928-01: Reconstruction of the 14th Avenue/Chisholm Road intersection south of McPherson

64 C 5000-01: Replacement of This Pony Truss southeast of White City

25 C 4958-01: Bridge replacement on Road 18 north of Howard.

63 C 4975-01: Replacement of a 12-foot median with a Two-way left turn lane along 10th Street on the south side of Independence.

4 C 4944-01: Replacment of This bridge south of Medicine Lodge.

73 C 4948-01: Replacement of This Bridge over the Pawnee River between Burdett and Rozel

78 C 4960-01: Replacement of This wood bridge over Goose Creek in southwestern Reno County.

13 C 4945-01: Replacement of This wood bridge on Road 14 over Bluff Creek.


31 KA-5850-01: Milling and HMA overlay on K-57 between K-244 across Milford Dam to US 77, and a short section of US 77 near the K-57/K-244 junction.

4-106 KA-5871-01: Milling and HMA overlay from US 77 (just west of the Dickinson/Morris county line) to the Morris/Wabaunsee County line

117-77 KA-5836-01: Milling and HMA overlay along the entire length of K-117 from US 36 to the Nebraska line.

50-93 KA-5914-01: Milling and HMA overlay of the Rest Area and parking lot along US 50 between St. John and Stafford

106 KA-5874-01: 2-inch HMA overlay on K-96 from US 50 in Hutchinson to Maize

96 KA-5877-01: Milling and HMA overlay on US 81 from 3 miles south of Wellington to the Sumner/Sedgwick county line and US 160 from Wellington to Oxford.

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