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  • Dang, It’s Cold

    While refilling my supposedly empty washer fluid basin, I found that it wasn’t quite as empty. I had the bug-cleaning formula of Prestone, and the recent cold snap caused the mixture to freeze solid!!! Meanwhile, I’m stupid enough to go train watching after over half a foot of snow fell on Wendsday. I did wait […]

  • SLT Column Posted

    With the South Lawrence Trafficway back in the news, I have posted this column.

  • New SLT stuff

    Two new articles have been published on the front of the local section regarding the South Lawrence Trafficway Quality of new, restored wetlands center of debate — questioning of if any mitigated wetlands will be good enough KDOT could file lawsuit over trafficway — KDOT is prepared to call the “wetland supporters” on wheather they […]

  • Egged Again

    Back in December my car got hit by the Harvard Road Egg Squad. early this morning, they were at it again. This time, however, I think I got most of the egg cleaned off without problem. The last hit caused some damage to the already slghtly weak paint that I have had to touch up […]

  • 100,000

    The car hit 100,000 miles as I hit 6th and Iowa coming home from Kennedy Glass after replacing the Spark Plugs, wires, and the air filter. I noticed a falloff in fuel mileage, and wanted to be proactive to prevent any problems. The spark plugs were visibly worn to the point where the excessive gap […]

  • New tags

    Back in March, I went to the Treasurer’s office and applied for the new personalized “Vanity” tags. I paid the fee and went on my way. Today, I went to the courthouse to renew my tags and pick up the new plates. My car now carries my “handle” of ‘ROUTE56’ Here’s a shot of the […]

  • returning home

    At Colby, Kansas tonight Parts of old US 24 are still maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation, including a short segment east of Burlington apparatntly to access a CDOT maintaince facility. It’s hard to tell what part of the frontage road is state maintained, as the pavement is consistant, if a little rough, all […]

  • vacation notes

    two days on the road…. we’ve made it to the Quality Suites at Evergreen Parkway on the west side of Denver. When fueling up in Wakeeney, the Phillips 66 station offered 89 Octane gas as regular, and 90 for midgrade. Ethanol fuel, anyone. At Goodland, several members of a car colector club happened to be […]

  • you know you’re hardcore when….

    when attending a meeting on the new US 59 freeway, I was reconized by two folks there, one a retired KDOT engineer, another one of the KDOT reps there….

  • Roadtrip report from Joplin

    I left Lawrence after 7:15, and headed to Kansas City to “find” Ben. I found him, and he informed me that personal issues had come up (namly, relatives in and the baby is trying to come out early. I leave the metro by heading down the “Freeway of Love,” AKA US 69. Four-laning of the […]