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  • Writing my Congressman

    Writing my Congressman

    It’s been a while since I’ve been truly politically active. My political energy has lately been focused on the restoration and preservation of the Amtrak station (originally Santa Fe) in Lawrence.

  • Forfeiture (presumably) denied

    The Kansas Court of Appeals and Supreme Court typically releases new decisions every Friday morning. This week, we had an asset forfeiture case come before the appeals case.

  • Parental Advisory: Case Law

    This week, the Kansas court of appeals released This opinion in the case of State v. Guein. In the majority opinion, Justice Steve Leben inserted a message of caution before getting into the legal terminology:

  • Voting ab initio

    As a left-handed right-winger, I mostly toe the GOP line. That does not mean I blindly vote the straight ticket. For President: I could not vote for Hillary Clinton. I could not vote for Donald Trump. Even though he’s far from perfect, I went with Gary Johnson and will leave it at that. Besides, it’s […]

  • How I voted – 2014 General Election

    People who know me fairly well know I lean conservative on many issues. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I pretty much voted a straight GOP ticket…. with one exception.

  • Campaign voicemail

    The campaign season is in full gear. The following audio clip is a robo-message left by the Roberts campaign on the family’s voicemail. I’ve edited it slightly; I’ll leave it to you to figure where I made the edit. 🙂

  • Lies and Damned Lies

    I decided to do an unofficial poll on how the Kansas Governor’s race is looking, based on the results of last night’s primary. Basically, I compared the votes tallied for Brownback with the total voters for Jennifer Winn (Brownback’s primary opponent), Chad Taylor and Patrick Wiesner (the two Democrat candidates for the US Senate seat)

  • How I voted – GOP primary

    I don’t mind that the state of Kansas can tell me my voting history (for the record, I’ve voted in every August/November statewide election, and have (maybe) only missed one city/school board election) Hell, I’ll even tell you how I voted 😛

  • It’s finally over…. until we do it again in 2012

    Today is election day, and that means all of the political ads stop… at least until we do it again in 2 years. Here’s who I picked: In general, my family owns a glass business and, as such, tend to take more of a pro-business conservative standpoint. Democrats, particularly those in Washington, are seen as […]

  • You know, I’m beginning to hate politics

    Last night, I got into a major argument with someone via chat. This person has had significant health problems, is unemployed and uninsured, and obviously doesn’t have much financial resources. And he says that people like me want to see him get sick and die, and that hate minorities and the poor. To me, those […]