KDOT Contract Lettings: July, 2020

There are 13 projects up for bids in July, including signage replacement along US 50 and K-61 in Reno County.


435-46 KA-5632-01: Mill, HMA overlay, and concrete patching from Shawnee Mission Parkway to the Johnson/Wyandotte County Line.

81 U 2361-01: Reconstruction of a culvert over Dry Branch on 12th Street in Ogden.

70-21 KA 3954-01: Replacement of the I-70 bridges over Chapman Creek just east of the Chapman (Rain Road) interchange.

4-59 KA-5648-01: Bridge Deck mill and overlay near Lindsborg

84 C 4933-01: Major Collector signage upgrade on the major collector roads south of I-70.

59-50 KA 5154-01: Reconstruction of 16th Street near the Labette Hospital on the south end of Parsons

8 N 0685-01: New sidewalk on the east side of Andover Road from Kellogg to Central in Andover.

106 KA 4748-03: Signage upgrade on US 50 in Reno County and K-61 from K-11 to the Reno/McPherson County Line.

Federal-Aid, Local Project:

3 C 4959-01: Replacement of this bridge on Graham Road southeast of Effingham

Non-Federal Aid:

106 KA 5620-01: Sidewalk Ramp upgrades in various locations in north-central and northeast Kansas.

106 KA-5778-01: RAP sample milling at various locations in KDOT District 2.

24-71 KA-5539-01: Grade improvements about 1 1/2 miles north of Osborne.

106 KA-5773-01: RAP sample milling at various locations in KDOT District 4.





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