KDOT Lettings, December 2019

For the December letting, we have a ‘biggie’ out of Johnson County. KDOT previously announced they had received funding to widen I-35 under the 75th Street interchange. For the December letting, that project will be up for bids.


73-7 KA 3874-01: Replacement of the Walnut Creek Bridge south of Reserve.

35-46 KA 4220-02: The widening of I-35 under 75th Street.
69-46 KA-4844-02: Painting the girders on the newly-rebuilt US 69 bridge over I-35. The project anticipates closures on I-35, to be detoured Using US 69 and I-435.

99-99 KA 3358-01: Bridge replacement 6 miles south of Alma. Traffic carried on a Shoo-fly detour

81-72 KA 5377-01: PCCP pavement patching from K-106 north ~ 8 miles.

9-69 KA 3094-01: Bridge replacement on K-9 near Densmore. Traffice detoured via US 283, US 36, and US 183.

147-98 KA 5240-01: Replacement of the steel-arch span over the Cedar Bluff Reservoir spillway with a girder bridge. Detour via K-4, US 283, and I-70

31-2 KA 5386-01
31-6 KA 5387-01
31-54 KA 5388-01
Combined – Mill and HMA overlay from the south junction with US 59 to Mapleton in Anderson, Linn, and Bourbon Counties.

75-63 KA 5389-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Independence to the South Junction with US 400

40 TE-460-01: Pedestrian and bicycle paths in North Newton

14-48 KA 3877-01: Bridge replacement south of Kingman. Detour via K-42, US 281, and US 54/400.

254-87 KA 5273-01: Bridge repair over the Middle Fork of Chisholm Creek near Kechi

81-96 KA 3356-01: Culvert replacement west of South Haven. Shoo-fly detour.

54-88 KA 5359-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from the Oklahoma state line to the south city limits of Liberal.


106 KA 5163-01: KC Scout system hardware upgrade.


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