KDOT Lettings: February 2021

Included in the February lettings are two major construction projects in south-central Kansas.

This post has been updated to reflect the approved bidders and the bid amount as announced by KDOT in releases on March 10. The approved bids announced on March 10 will be noted in red.


75-7 KA 4798-03: Create a new passing lane on US 75 by widening a 2.4-mile stretch to 4 lanes, starting at 3.2 miles north of K-20. This also includes widening the bridge over Plum Creek from 2 lanes to 4. Hamm Inc., Perry, Kansas, $7,979,818.90.

75-43 KA 4798-02: Create a new passing lane on US 75 near Netawaka by widening a 1.8-mile segment to 4 lanes. The project also includes updating the signs at the US 75/K-9 junction just north of the main project. Hamm, $3,964,876.39.

16-43 KA 5963-01: 1-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-16 from Holton to the Jackson/Jefferson county line. K-16 in Holton and at the K-16/K-116 junction is to be milled to 1.5 inches. Herzog Contracting Corp., Saint Joseph, Missouri, $1,490,802.19.

7-46 KA 5692-01: Repairing the bridges taking 67th Street/Shawnee Mission Parkway over K-7. The ramp from Northbound K-7 to westbound 67th Street and from Southbound K-7 to Shawnee Mission Parkway is to be closed during part of this project. PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $1,190,308.01.

99-58 KA 3925-01: Replace a culvert with a bridge on K-99 near the intersection with Vista Road south of Frankfort. Traffic to be carried through on a shoo-fly detour. L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, Kansas, $1,957,821.62.

77-58 KA 5947-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on US 77 from the west junction with US 36 west of Marysville north to the Nebraska state line.
233-58 KA 6078-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay along the entire length of K-233.
Hall Brothers Inc., Marysville, Kansas, $2,408,852.94.

56-70 KA 5938-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on US 56 from the south junction with K-31 to the Osage/Douglas county line (presumably excluding the brick portion in downtown Burlingame) Hamm, $4,162,205.46.

24-89 KA-3235-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2.5-inch overlay on US 24 from Silver Lake to Menoken. Hamm, $1,174,284.66.

80-14 KA 3957-01/80-14 KA 3965-01: Replace two bridges over Dry Creek. L & M, $3,170,522.92.

81-72 KA 5679-01: Repair a bridge on US 81 south of Minneapolis. PCI Roads, $294,314.25.

148-101 KA 3956-01: Replace three bridges in a 7 mile stretch of K-148 in Washington County. Detour via US 81, US 36, and K-15. King Construction Company Inc & Subsidiaries, Hesston, Kansas, $3,073,397.77.

106 KA 4745-01: Signage upgrade on the highways in Marion County and the Herrington area. It includes replacing the roundabout signage at the US 50/US 77 junction near Florence, but *not* at the US 56/US 77 junction near Marion. CC & I Engineering Inc./DBA Compass Consultants, Perham, Minnesota, $385,106.80.

26 C 4978-01: Installation of “No Passing Zone” signs on the secondary roads of Ellis County. CC & I, $66,486.35.

35-70 KA 5693-01: Repair of the bridge carrying old US 75 over I-35. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $187,095.62.

106 KA 4747-01: Signage replacement on US 59, US 160, US 166, and K-101 in Labette County. CC & I, $275,566.28.

160-18 KA 5421-01: Reconstruction of 9th Avenue/US 160 in Winfield from College Street to Wheat Road. Cornejo & Sons LLC, Wichita, Kansas, $1,649,177.47.

14-78 KA 1007-02 and 14-80 KA 1007-03: The “Northwest Passage:” construction of a new super-two freeway, bypassing Nickerson and Sterling. Bob Bergkamp Construction Co. Inc., Wichita, Kansas, $81,749,251.37

235-87 KA 3232-03: Wichita North Junction Phase 2A: Replace the loop ramp from northbound I-135 to southbound I-235 with a two-lane flyover.
[The construction estimate is $30.2 million in 2020 dollars.] Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co. Inc., Wichita, Kansas, $36,319,409.09.

106 KA 5893-01: Signage replacement on K-4, K-23, and K-96 in Lane County CC & I, $80,533.11.


73-106 KA 5971-01: 2-inch mill and 2-inch Overlay on US 73/K-7 from Millwood Road in Northern Leavenworth County to the south city limits of Atchison. Herzog, $2,154,541.90.

181-71 KA 5153-01: Reconstruction of Morgan Avenue/K-181 from Osborne Street to Delay Street in Downs. Bryant & Bryant Construction Inc., Halstead, Kansas, $694,061.00.

77-18 KA 6079-01: 1/2-inch milling and 1.5-inch overlay from the Oklahoma state line to Arkansas City. APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kansas, $1,397,449.85.


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