KDOT Lettings: February 2021

Included in the February lettings are two major construction projects in south-central Kansas.


75-7 KA 4798-03: Create a new passing lane on US 75 by widening a 2.4-mile stretch to 4 lanes, starting at 3.2 miles north of K-20. This also includes widening the bridge over Plum Creek from 2 lanes to 4.

75-43 KA 4798-02: Create a new passing lane on US 75 near Netawaka by widening a 1.8-mile segment to 4 lanes. The project also includes updating the signs at the US 75/K-9 junction just north of the main project.

16-43 KA 5963-01: 1-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on K-16 from Holton to the Jackson/Jefferson county line. K-16 in Holton and at the K-16/K-116 junction is to be milled to 1.5 inches

7-46 KA 5692-01: Repairing the bridges taking 67th Street/Shawnee Mission Parkway over K-7. The ramp from Northbound K-7 to westbound 67th Street and from Southbound K-7 to Shawnee Mission Parkway is to be closed during part of this project.

99-58 KA 3925-01: Replace a culvert with a bridge on K-99 near the intersection with Vista Road south of Frankfort. Traffic to be carried through on a shoo-fly detour.

77-58 KA 5947-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on US 77 from the west junction with US 36 west of Marysville north to the Nebraska state line.
233-58 KA 6078-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay along the entire length of K-233.

56-70 KA 5938-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on US 56 from the south junction with K-31 to the Osage/Douglas county line (presumably excluding the brick portion in downtown Burlingame)

24-89 KA-3235-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2.5-inch overlay on US 24 from Silver Lake to Menoken.

80-14 KA 3957-01/80-14 KA 3965-01: Replace two bridges over Dry Creek.

81-72 KA 5679-01: Repair a bridge on US 81 south of Minneapolis.

106 KA 4745-01: Signage upgrade on the highways in Marion County and the Herrington area. It includes replacing the roundabout signage at the US 50/US 77 junction near Florence, but *not* at the US 56/US 77 junction near Marion.

148-101 KA 3956-01: Replace three bridges in a 7 mile stretch of K-148 in Washington County. Detour via US 81, US 36, and K-15.

26 C 4978-01: Installation of “No Passing Zone” signs on the secondary roads of Ellis County.

35-70 KA 5693-01: Repair of the bridge carrying old US 75 over I-35

106 KA 4747-01: Signage replacement on US 59, US 160, US 166, and K-101 in Labette County

160-18 KA 5421-01: Reconstruction of 9th Avenue/US 160 in Winfield from College Street to Wheat Road.

14-78 KA 1007-02 and 14-80 KA 1007-03: The “Northwest Passage:” construction of a new super-two freeway, bypassing Nickerson and Sterling.

235-87 KA 3232-03: Wichita North Junction Phase 2A: Replace the loop ramp from northbound I-135 to southbound I-235 with a two-lane flyover.
[The construction estimate is $30.2 million in 2020 dollars.]

106 KA 5893-01: Signage replacement on K-4, K-23, and K-96 in Lane County


73-106 KA 5971-01: 2-inch mill and 2-inch Overlay on US 73/K-7 from Millwood Road in Northern Leavenworth County to the south city limits of Atchison.

181-71 KA 5153-01: Reconstruction of Morgan Avenue/K-181 from Osborne Street to Delay Street in Downs

77-18 KA 6079-01: 1/2-inch milling and 1.5-inch overlay from the Oklahoma state line to Arkansas City.

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