KDOT Lettings: July 2021

The July lettings include a couple of major projects.


59-23 KA 5794-01: Guardrail replacement on the bridges on US 59 between N 1100 Road and K-10 south of Lawrence

24-23 KA 6190-01: Pavement Marking on US 24 from the Jefferson/Douglas County line to K-32, including a 1/2-mile segment of US 40/US 59 south from US 24 at Teepee Junction
24-44 KA 6191-01: Pavement Marking on US 24/59 from the US 24/US 59 junction near Williamstown to the Jefferson/Douglas County line
59-44 KA 6192-01: Pavement Marking on US 59 from the US 24/US 59 junction near Williamstown to Oskaloosa
73-52 KA 6188-01: Pavement Marking on US 73/K-7 from 4th and Metropolitian in Leavenworth north to Millwood Road northwest of Leavenworth.
92-52 KA 6189-01: Pavement Marking on K-92 from 4th and Metropolitian in Leavenworth to the Centennial Bridge

46 KA 5496-01: Lighting replacement on I-35 at I-635, 95th Street, and the southbound weight station southwest of Olathe, as well as US 69 at College Boulevard

268-70 KA 6194-01: Pavement Marking along the entire length of K-268.

4-89 KA 5795-01: Guardrail upgrades in Shawnee County. Although listed as a project on K-4, much of the bridges are on US 40 east of Topeka, with a couple on US 24 northwest of Topeka, and one on K-4 near the US 24 junction northeast of Topeka.

105 KA 5495-01: Lighting upgrade on K-7 at K-32 in Bonner Springs, I-70 at 57th Street, and I-35 between the 18th Street Expressway and Southwest Boulevard.

5-105 KA 5796-01: Guardrail upgrades on the “Fairfax Spur” segment of K-5 in Kansas City.

57-31 KA 5678-01: Repair of the Clarks Creek bridge on K-57 southeast of Junction City

177-64 KA 2368-01: Reconstruction of K-177 from K Road to the Morris/Dickinson County Line
177-31 KA 2369-01: Reconstruction of K-177 from the Morris/Dickinson County Line to I-70

55 C 4996-01: Collector road signage upgrade in Logan County

84 TE 0483-01: New sidewalk along the west side of Fossil Street in Russell

166-11 KA 1005-02: New US 166/US 400 4-lane freeway from the west US 160/US 400 Junction to K-26.

160-63 KA 5424-01: Reconstruction of Main Street in Independence from 10th Street to 8th Street.

281-5 KA 3891-01: Replace the bridge over the Blood Creek Drainage northwest of Hoisington. Traffic to be controlled by signals.

54-8 KA 5605-02: Guardrail upgrades on US 54/US 77/US 400 between Augusta and the East junction with US 400.

54-8 KA 5676-01: Repair of a culvert on US 54 east of Rosalia

96-87 KA 5606-02: Guardrail replacement of K-96 from Hillside Road to Webb Road in Wichita.

87 N 0691-01: Reconstruction of 61st Street in Park City from the Big Ditch to Broadway and a roundabout at 61st and Broadway.

235-87 KA 5510-02: Guardrail upgrade at the north junction of I-135 and I-235

Federal-Aid, Local projects

79 C 4992-01: (no plans posted)

5 C 4965-01: RCB extension on NW 50th Road and reconstruction of the NW 50th Road/Washington Avenue intersection


106 KA 6172-01: RAP sample milling at various location in KDOT district 2

106 KA 6210-01: Sidewalk ramp construction in Tonganoxie, Melvern, Holton, Frankfort, Olsburg, Clifton, Sylvan Grove, Lebanon, Sylvan Grove, Franklin/Arma, Caney, Attica, Greensburg, and Coldwater.

54-8 KA 6186-01: Crack sealing on US 54/US 400 from Andover to Augusta.

50-40 KA 6187-01: Crack sealing on US 50 from I-135 northeast ~ 2 miles

54-48 KA 6171-01: Crack Sealing on US 54/US 400/K-14 from Kingman to the east junction with K-14.

183-83 KA 6174-01: Crack Sealing on US 183 from La Crosse to the Rush/Ellis county line.

81-96 KA 6175-01: Crack sealing on US 81 from the Oklahoma State line to Wellington

254-87 KA 5917-01: Repair damage to pre-stressed beams on Woodlawn Avenue bridge over K-254 near Kechi.

106 KA 6181-01: Crack sealing on K-19 from US 50 to the K-19 spur and on the K-19 spur from K-19 to US 56 in Edwards and Pawnee counties

106 KA 6193-01: RAP sample milling at various locations in KDOT district 6.

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