KDOT Lettings: July 2021

The July lettings include a couple of major projects.

This post has been updated to reflect the approved bidders and the bid amount as announced in press releases on August 10 and August 30. The approved bids announced on August 10 will be noted in red. The approved bids announced on August 30 will be noted in blue.


59-23 KA 5794-01: Guardrail replacement on the bridges on US 59 between N 1100 Road and K-10 south of Lawrence. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $220,531.48

24-23 KA 6190-01: Pavement Marking on US 24 from the Jefferson/Douglas County line to K-32, including a 1/2-mile segment of US 40/US 59 south from US 24 at Teepee Junction
24-44 KA 6191-01: Pavement Marking on US 24/59 from the US 24/US 59 junction near Williamstown to the Jefferson/Douglas County line
59-44 KA 6192-01: Pavement Marking on US 59 from the US 24/US 59 junction near Williamstown to Oskaloosa
73-52 KA 6188-01: Pavement Marking on US 73/K-7 from 4th and Metropolitian in Leavenworth north to Millwood Road northwest of Leavenworth.
92-52 KA 6189-01: Pavement Marking on K-92 from 4th and Metropolitian in Leavenworth to the Centennial Bridge.
Century Fence Co, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, $625,920.98

46 KA 5496-01: Lighting replacement on I-35 at I-635, 95th Street, and the southbound weight station southwest of Olathe, as well as US 69 at College Boulevard. Gerstner Electric Inc., Fenton, Missouri, $905,529.00

268-70 KA 6194-01: Pavement Marking along the entire length of K-268. Century Fence, $125,637.29

4-89 KA 5795-01: Guardrail upgrades in Shawnee County. Although listed as a project on K-4, much of the bridges are on US 40 east of Topeka, with a couple on US 24 northwest of Topeka, and one on K-4 near the US 24 junction northeast of Topeka. Bettis, $989,838.21

105 KA 5495-01: Lighting upgrade on K-7 at K-32 in Bonner Springs, I-70 at 57th Street, and I-35 between the 18th Street Expressway and Southwest Boulevard. Gerstner, $1,370,562.00

5-105 KA 5796-01: Guardrail upgrades on the “Fairfax Spur” segment of K-5 in Kansas City.

57-31 KA 5678-01: Repair of the Clarks Creek bridge on K-57 southeast of Junction City. Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, Wichita, $263,616.04

177-64 KA 2368-01: Reconstruction of K-177 from K Road to the Morris/Dickinson County Line
177-31 KA 2369-01: Reconstruction of K-177 from the Morris/Dickinson County Line to I-70
Wildcat, $52,307,810.13

55 C 4996-01: Collector road signage upgrade in Logan County. CC & I Engineering Inc. / DBA Compass Consultants, Perham, Minnesota, $304,748.94

84 TE 0483-01: New sidewalk along the west side of Fossil Street in Russell. Multicon Inc., Wichita, Kansas, $350,524.86

166-11 KA 1005-02: New US 166/US 400 4-lane freeway from the west US 160/US 400 Junction to K-26. Re-let September 2021

160-63 KA 5424-01: Reconstruction of Main Street in Independence from 10th Street to 8th Street. Bryant & Bryant Construction Inc., Halstead, $1,231,060.00

281-5 KA 3891-01: Replace the bridge over the Blood Creek Drainage northwest of Hoisington. Traffic to be controlled by signals. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, $1,005,086.50

54-8 KA 5605-02: Guardrail upgrades on US 54/US 77/US 400 between Augusta and the East junction with US 400. Bettis, $897,933.25

54-8 KA 5676-01: Repair of a culvert on US 54 east of Rosalia. Snodgrass & Sons Construction Company Inc., Wichita, $264,824.60

96-87 KA 5606-02: Guardrail replacement of K-96 from Hillside Road to Webb Road in Wichita. J & J Contractors, Inc., Iola, $1,550,102.65

87 N 0691-01: Reconstruction of 61st Street in Park City from the Big Ditch to Broadway and a roundabout at 61st and Broadway. Conspec Inc. DBA Kansas Paving, Wichita, Kansas, $3,596,938.64

235-87 KA 5510-02: Guardrail upgrade at the north junction of I-135 and I-235. J & J Contractors, $1,132,631.04

Federal-Aid, Local projects

79 C 4992-01: Replacement of a Bridge over Dry Creek 4.0 miles south and 0.2 miles east of Republic. Reece Construction Company, Inc., Salina, Kansas, $339,479.215

5 C 4965-01: RCB extension on NW 50th Road and reconstruction of the NW 50th Road/Washington Avenue intersection. L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, $603,844.25


106 KA 6172-01: RAP sample milling at various location in KDOT district 2. Dustrol Inc., Towanda, $15,164.44

106 KA 6210-01: Sidewalk ramp construction in Tonganoxie, Melvern, Holton, Frankfort, Olsburg, Clifton, Sylvan Grove, Lebanon, Sylvan Grove, Franklin/Arma, Caney, Attica, Greensburg, and Coldwater. Bryant & Bryant, $603,726.00

54-8 KA 6186-01: Crack sealing on US 54/US 400 from Andover to Augusta.

50-40 KA 6187-01: Crack sealing on US 50 from I-135 to the Harvey/Marion County Line. R A Knapp Construction Inc., Lenexa $333,717.10.

54-48 KA 6171-01: Crack Sealing on US 54/US 400/K-14 from Kingman to the east junction with K-14. Pavement Pro’s LLC, McPherson, $81,979.90

183-83 KA 6174-01: Crack Sealing on US 183 from La Crosse to the Rush/Ellis county line. R A Knapp, $150,420.30

81-96 KA 6175-01: Crack sealing on US 81 from the Oklahoma State line to Wellington. R A Knapp, $206,017.80

254-87 KA 5917-01: Repair damage to pre-stressed beams on Woodlawn Avenue bridge over K-254 near Kechi. PBX Corporation & Subsidiary, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, $28,938.23

106 KA 6181-01: Crack sealing on K-19 from US 50 to the K-19 spur and on the K-19 spur from K-19 to US 56 in Edwards and Pawnee counties. R A Knapp, $194.520.85

106 KA 6193-01: RAP sample milling at various locations in KDOT district 6. Dustrol, $25,090.10





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