KDOT Lettings: May 2021

The May project lettings mostly consist of maintenance projects, with a few bridge replacements.

This post has been updated to reflect the approved bidders and the bid amount as announced in press releases on June 10 and June 22. The approved bids announced on June 10 will be noted in red. The approved bids announced on June 22 will be noted in blue.


73-7 KA 5696-01: Milling, concrete overlay, and repair of concrete surfaces on the bridges over the UP Falls City Subdivision and Kestrel Road near Reserve. PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $839,846.55.

36-22 KA 6009-01: Lighting replacement at the US 36/K-238 interchange near Elwood. Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, Wichita, Kansas, $173,825.00

10-23 KA 5683-01: Repair of the Eastbound K-10 bridge over the Wakarusa River near Eudora. PCI Roads, $1,413,704.02.

435-46 KA 5681-01: Bridge Re-Deck, Seeding, Lighting, & Pavement Marking in the Renner Road bridge over I-435. Clarkson Construction Company, Kansas City, Missouri, $3,432,513.90.

435-46 KA 6071-01: Mill and HMA overlay between Midland Drive and the Kansas River bridge. Ideker Incorporated, Saint Joseph, Missouri, $2,946,893.55

35-46 KA 6074-01: Patching and overlay on I-35 from Lone Elm Road to US 169/K-7. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $6,277,433.79.

46 KA 6147-01: Pavement marking on US 69 from 135th to 151st, and I-435 from Metcalf to State Line. Twin Traffic Marking Corporation, Kansas City, Kansas, $723,728.85.

70-89 KA 6073-01: 3.0″ overlay on I-70 from MacVicar to the Polk-Quincy Viaduct. Bettis, $1,698,613.16.

70-105 KA 6072-01: Mill and HMA overlay from 110th Street to I-435. Bettis, $1,736,838.48.

177-9 KA 5439-01: Replacement of the bridge over the BNSF Emporia Subdivision north of Matfield Green. The bridge is being replaced to accommodate upgrading the single-track line to double-track, plus accomodating a potential third track. Kings Construction Co. Inc., Oskaloosa, Kansas, $7,337,256.27.

70-32 KA 6066-01: Mill and HMA overlay from 4 miles east of K-211 to the Gove/Trego county line. APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division,
Hutchinson, Kansas, $6,868,840.41.

70-91 KA 6068-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Edson to the Sherman/Thomas County line
70-97 KA 6069-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Sherman/Thomas County line to Brewster.
APAC-Kansas, $4,771,497.58

35-30 KA 6010-01: Lighting upgrade at the south I-35/US 59 junction on the south side of Ottawa. Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, Kansas, $269,839.00.

17 C 4985-01: Minor collector signing upgrade in Comanche County. Signs Up LTD DBA Haren’s Trees and Critters, Webster City, Iowa, $115,026.92.

78 C 4977-01: Major collector signing upgrade in Reno County east of K-14. CC & I Engineering Inc./DBA Compass Consultants, Perham, Minnesota, $365,245.68

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

81 C 4989-01: Replacement of the Rosehill Road bridge over Little Sweede Creek. Ebert Construction Co Inc & Subsidiary, Wamego, Kansas, $385,903.23.


10-46 KA 5995-01: Replacement of an overhead sign gantry on westbound K-10 east of Renner. Cooper, $97,517.55.

75-89 KA 6006-02: Bridge repair of the northbound US 75 bridge over SW 77th Street. Wildcat, $280,168.90.

106 KA 6155-01: Culvert repair (pipe lining & repairing & replacement) at various locations in KDOT District 1. Amino Brothers Company Inc., Kansas City, Kansas, $636,488.85.

70-105 KA 4946-01: Culvert repair just west of Turner Diagonal. Comanche Construction Inc., Olathe, Kansas, $256,431.85.

36-101 KA 6159-01: Chip seal on the four-lane section of US 36 in eastern Washington County. Vance Brothers Inc. And Subsidiary, Kansas City, Missouri, $360,630.62.

9-20 KA 6149-01: Mill and HMA overlay on K-9 in Decatur County
9-90 KA 6152-01: Mill and HMA overlay on K-9 in Sheridan County
McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton, Colorado, $211,298.40.

25-55 KA 6151-01: Mill and HMA overlay from County Road 160 to Russell Springs. McCormick, $120,977.50.

70-91 KA 6146-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Goodland to Edson. APAC-Kansas, $625,674.55.

27-100 KA 6153-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Greeley/Wallace county line north 1 mile. McCormick, $179,609.90.

54-49 KA 6167-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Greensburg to the Kiowa/Barber county line. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, Kansas, $459,983.00.





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