KDOT Lettings: May 2021

The May project lettings mostly consist of maintenance projects, with a few bridge replacements.


73-7 KA 5696-01: Milling, concrete overlay, and repair of concrete surfaces on the bridges over the UP Falls City Subdivision and Kestrel Road near Reserve.

36-22 KA 6009-01: Lighting replacement at the US 36/K-238 interchange near Elwood

10-23 KA 5683-01: Repair of the Eastbound K-10 bridge over the Wakarusa River near Eudora

435-46 KA 5681-01: Bridge Re-Deck, Seeding, Lighting, & Pavement Marking in the Renner Road bridge over I-435.

435-46 KA 6071-01: Mill and HMA overlay between Midland Drive and the Kansas River bridge

35-46 KA 6074-01: Patching and overlay on I-35 from Lone Elm Road to US 169/K-7

46 KA 6147-01: Pavement marking on US 69 from 135th to 151st, and I-435 from Metcalf to State Line

70-89 KA 6073-01: 3.0″ overlay on I-70 from MacVicar to the Polk-Quincy Viaduct

70-105 KA 6072-01: Mill and HMA overlay from 110th Street to I-435

177-9 KA 5439-01: Replacement of the bridge over the BNSF Emporia Subdivision north of Matfield Green. The bridge is being replaced to accommodate upgrading the single-track line to double-track, plus accomodating a potential third track.

70-32 KA 6066-01: Mill and HMA overlay from 4 miles east of K-211 to the Gove/Trego county line

70-91 KA 6068-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Edson to the Sherman/Thomas County line
70-97 KA 6069-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Sherman/Thomas County line to Brewster.

35-30 KA 6010-01: Lighting upgrade at the south I-35/US 59 junction on the south side of Ottawa

17 C 4985-01: Minor collector signing upgrade in Comanche County

78 C 4977-01: Major collector signing upgrade in Reno County east of K-14

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

81 C 4989-01: Replacement of the Rosehill Road bridge over Little Sweede Creek.


10-46 KA 5995-01: Replacement of an overhead sign gantry on westbound K-10 east of Renner

75-89 KA 6006-02: Bridge repair of the northbound US 75 bridge over SW 77th Street

106 KA 6155-01: Culvert repair (pipe lining & repairing & replacement) at various locations in KDOT District 1.

70-105 KA 4946-01: Culvert repair just west of Turner Diagonal

36-101 KA 6159-01: Chip seal on the four-lane section of US 36 in eastern Washington County

9-20 KA 6149-01: Mill and HMA overlay on K-9 in Decatur County
9-90 KA 6152-01: Mill and HMA overlay on K-9 in Sheridan County

25-55 KA 6151-01: Mill and HMA overlay from County Road 160 to Russell Springs

70-91 KA 6146-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Goodland to Edson

27-100 KA 6153-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Greeley/Wallace county line north 1 mile

54-49 KA 6167-01: Mill and HMA overlay from Greensburg to the Kiowa/Barber county line

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