KDOT Lettings: October 2021

Here are the projects up for letting on October 20. Approved Bids announced on November 3 are highlighted in red.


3 C 4963-1: Major Collector signage upgrade in Atchison County. CC & I Engineering Inc./ DBA Compass Consultants, Perham, Minnesota, $62,369.91.

3 TE 0489-1: New multi-use path along the south side of Main Street from 10th to 2nd in Atchison.

56-46 KA 5420-01: Reconstruct Main Street from Sycamore Road to Moonlight Road in Gardner

69-46 KA 6121-01: Repair of the US 69 bridges over 179th Street in Johnson County. Comanche Construction Inc., Olathe, $380,969.58.

5-105 KA 5796-01: Guardrail upgrades on the “Fairfax Spur.” Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $728,719.12.

50-9 KA 6164-01: Replace sections of concrete pavement on US 50 in Strong City. Vogts-Parga Construction LLC, Newton, $1,798,993.56.

14-27 KA 6288-01: 1/2 inch milling and 1 1/2 inch overlay on K-14 from the Rice/Ellsworth County line to Ellsworth. APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, $3,192,935.91

77-31 KA 2367-05: Reconstruction of US 77 northwest of Junction City with re-alignment of several side road intersections.
77-31 KA 4638-02: Guardrail upgrades on US 77 from Junction City to the Geary/Riley County line.
Ebert Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiary, Wamego, $11,645,404.67.

31 TE 0495-01: Sidewalk ramp replacement along 7th Street in Junction City.

36-101 KA 3244-01: Reconstruction of 7th Street in Washington into a 3-lane road with a center turn lane. Smoky Hill LLC, Salina, $4,214,825.50.

383-20 KA 6322-01/383-90 KA 6323-01: 3/4 inch Mill and 2-inch overlay from US 83 to Jennings in Sheridan and Decatur counties (KA-6323-01 in Sheridan County is non-FA) Venture Corporation, Great Bend, $3,860,340.98

24-33 KA 3930-01: Bridge replacement over Antelope Creek west of Moreland. Traffic to be carried on a Shoo-fly detour. King Construction
Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Hesston, $2,394,858.83.

24-33 KA 3960-01: Bridge replacement over Youngs Creek east of Moreland. Traffic to be carried on a Shoo-fly detour. King, $1,489,413.35.

24-33 KA 3961-01: Bridge replacement over Rock Creek east of Moreland. Traffic to be carried on a Shoo-fly detour. King, $1,771,482.95

181-71 KA 3938-01: Bridge replacement over Twin Creek south of Downs. Detour via K-18, US 281, and US 24

84 C 4986-01: Signage replacement on Major collector roads east of US 281 and north of I-70 in Russell County.

59-50 KA 3903-01: Replace the bridge over Labette Creek on US 59/US 160 west of Oswego. Detour via US 166 and K-101. A M Cohron & Son Inc., Atlantic, Iowa, $3,188,243.02.

5 KA 6290-01: Mill and Overlay on K-4 in Barton County, including the segment concurrent with US 281. Venture, $6,430,184.00.

56-5 KA 6292-01: Mill and overlay on US 56 from Great Bend to Ellinwood. Venture, $1,569,163.28

96-87 KA 6136-01: Repair of the eastbound K-96 bridges over Little Slough Creek and Ridge Road in northwest Wichita. PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $506,017.70

50-38 KA 6293-01/50-38 KA 6295-01/50-47 KA 6294-01
Combined: Mill and Overlay from the Colorado State line to Lakin. Venture, $8,482,441.98

4-51 KA 6299-01/4-68 KA 6300-01
Combined: Asphalt overlay on K-4 from the east junction with K-23 to US 283 Venture, $5,347,025.70

54-60 KA 6296-01: Mill and overlay on US 54 from Meade to the Meade/Clark county line. Venture, $4,163,699.35

83-88 KA 6297-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing on US 83/US 160 from the south junction of US 83/US 160 to the Seward/Haskell county line. J & R Sand Company Inc., Liberal, $1,114,414.67

Federal-Aid, Local projects:

70 C 4988-01: Bridge replacement of Hoch Road over the South branch Wakarusa River

53 C 4990-01: Replace a bridge over Beaver Creek southeast of Lincoln

11 C 5002-01: Replace a bridge over Cherry Creek in western Cherokee County

19 C 5003-01: Replace a bridge on South 20th Street over a Tributary to Hickory Creek in southwest Crawford County.

63 C 5048-01: Reconstruction of a section of 4500 Road along the west bank of the Verdigris River Heck & Wicker Inc., Parsons, Kansas, $1,693,581.53

8 C 4998-01: Replace a bridge on SW 157th Terrace over the Little Walnut River southeast of Augusta. A M Cohron, $1,697,580.33


106 KA 6354-01: Mill and Overlay on US 24 from US 83 to the Thomas/Sheridan county line, as well as K-186 and K-188 in Sheridan County. McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton, Colorado, $2,071,527.97

106 KA 6435-01: RAP mill sampling at various locations in KDOT district 4. Bettis, $45,482.00.

76 KA 6223-01: Mill and overlay on US 281 from the Barber/Pratt county line to the south city limits of Pratt; US 281 from the north city limits of Pratt to 60th Street; US 54 from K-61 to the beginning of the concrete surface east of Pratt; and K-61 from US 54 to the end of the 4-lane segment east of Pratt. Venture, $6,383,078.33.

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