KDOT Lettings: October 2021

Here are the projects up for letting on October 20.


3 C 4963-1: Major Collector signage upgrade in Atchison County

3 TE 0489-1: New multi-use path along the south side of Main Street from 10th to 2nd in Atchison.

56-46 KA 5420-01: Reconstruct Main Street from Sycamore Road to Moonlight Road in Gardner

69-46 KA 6121-01: Repair of the US 69 bridges over 179th Street in Johnson County.

5-105 KA 5796-01: Guardrail upgrades on the “Fairfax Spur”

50-9 KA 6164-01: Replace sections of concrete pavement on US 50 in Strong City.

14-27 KA 6288-01: 1/2 inch milling and 1 1/2 inch overlay on K-14 from the Rice/Ellsworth County line to Ellsworth

77-31 KA 2367-05: Reconstruction of US 77 northwest of Junction City with re-alignment of several side road intersections.
77-31 KA 4638-02: Guardrail upgrades on US 77 from Junction City to the Geary/Riley County line.

31 TE 0495-01: Sidewalk ramp replacement along 7th Street in Junction City.

36-101 KA 3244-01: Reconstruction of 7th Street in Washington into a 3-lane road with a center turn lane.

383-20 KA 6322-01/383-90 KA 6323-01: 3/4 inch Mill and 2-inch overlay from US 83 to Jennings in Sheridan and Decatur counties (KA-6323-01 in Sheridan County is non-FA)

24-33 KA 3930-01: Bridge replacement over Antelope Creek west of Moreland. Traffic to be carried on a Shoo-fly detour.

24-33 KA 3960-01: Bridge replacement over Youngs Creek east of Moreland. Traffic to be carried on a Shoo-fly detour.

24-33 KA 3961-01: Bridge replacement over Rock Creek east of Moreland. Traffic to be carried on a Shoo-fly detour.

181-71 KA 3938-01: Bridge replacement over Twin Creek south of Downs. Detour via K-18, US 281, and US 24

84 C 4986-01: Signage replacement on Major collector roads east of US 281 and north of I-70 in Russell County.

59-50 KA 3903-01: Replace the bridge over Labette Creek on US 59/US 160 west of Oswego. Detour via US 166 and K-101

5 KA 6290-01: Mill and Overlay on K-4 in Barton County, including the segment concurrent with US 281

56-5 KA 6292-01: Mill and overlay on US 56 from Great Bend to Ellinwood.

96-87 KA 6136-01:: Repair of the eastbound K-96 bridges over Little Slough Creek and Ridge Road in northwest Wichita

50-38 KA 6293-01
50-38 KA 6295-01
50-47 KA 6294-01
Combined: Mill and Overlay from the Colorado State line to Lakin

4-51 KA 6299-01: Asphalt overlay on K-4 from the east junction with K-23 to the Lane/Ness County line
4-68 KA 6300-01: Asphalt overlay on K-4 from the Lane/Ness County line to US 283

54-60 KA 6296-01: Mill and overlay on US 54 from Meade to the Meade/Clark county line.

83-88 KA 6297-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing on US 83/US 160 from the south junction of US 83/US 160 to the Seward/Haskell county line.

Federal-Aid, Local projects:

70 C 4988-01: Bridge replacement of Hoch Road over the South branch Wakarusa River

53 C 4990-01: Replace a bridge over Beaver Creek southeast of Lincoln

11 C 5002-01: Replace a bridge over Cherry Creek in western Cherokee County

19 C 5003-01: Replace a bridge on South 20th Street over a Tributary to Hickory Creek in southwest Crawford County.

63 C 5048-01: Reconstruction of a section of 4500 Road along the west bank of the Verdigris River

8 C 4998-01: Replace a bridge over the Little Walnut River southeast of Augusta


106 KA 6354-01: Mill and Overlay on US 24 from US 83 to the Thomas/Sheridan county line, as well as K-186 and K-188 in Sheridan County

106 KA 6435-01: RAP mill sampling at various locations in KDOT district 4

76 KA 6223-01: Mill and overlay on US 281 from the Barber/Pratt county line to the south city limits of Pratt; US 281 from the north city limits of Pratt to 60th Street; US 54 from K-61 to the beginning of the concrete surface east of Pratt; and K-61 from US 54 to the end of the 4-lane segment east of Pratt.


KDOT Lettings: June 2021

KDOT’s June lettings occurred on June 16, with some of the approved bids announced on June 22, and the rest announced on August 10. The approved bids announced on June 22 will be noted in red. The approved bids announced on August 10 will be noted in blue.


KDOT Lettings: October, 2019

Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for October of 2019